Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Wednesday, sewing, sewing

$27.12, chicken feed, fruit, celery.  Dinner, tonight will be fried green beans and yellow squash.  Ripe tomatoes with basil and fresh cheese.  Our salad greens are finally spent so I will have to start buying salad greens.  It is too hot to replant.  I have eggplant coming on so we will be eating that soon.  I love eggplant.

     Had to run and do a secret shop last night I had forgotten I scheduled.  But we needed chicken food anyway so it was not a problem.  I finally got up the gumption to start some laundry even though it is not finished.  Hub's was out of clean undies and we don't ever want that, trust me.  I might just go upstairs and surprise myself by sweeping the floors and making the bed.  Then again I would be tempted to crawl back into the bed, so it is safer down here.

     I need to get a huge pile of alterations done today.  Wedding dresses are so time consuming that the alteration piles get very high.  Plus no money comes in and cash flow gets weak.  Wedding dresses pay well but I am used to ,$10, $20, $10, coming in on a daily basis and when I concentrate on weddings which I have been I never have any cash.  Last night while hub's and I were watching a TV program I ripped a few things that I will do first thing this morning. Hem's zippers, waist bands.   Why am I so tired? I could fall asleep right now. 

    Okay interrupted by phone call so did make it upstairs to get the rest of the laundry and made the bed.  Only because I was talking on the phone and that kept me from laying down and sleeping. Now waiting for the dryer to buzz.

     I think Hub's and I are going to bike out to Hell's canyon tonight and meet some friends who are camping there.  That will be fun and we need to get out and get some exercise.  Sitting at the sewing machine all day or on the sofa beading dresses does not burn a lot of calories.

     I need to get busy or I am going to fall asleep sitting here.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. You sound tired! (Aren't I the smart one to figure that out!) Probably the heat!

  2. I agree you are doing too much. Enjoy your bike ride this evening.