Monday, November 21, 2016

Monday, Thanksgiving plans

     I did no sewing Friday and just futzed around and got a few things done for the studio.  Mom and I went to Jo-anns and spent too much money. 

     Saturday I went to morning rehearsal but was too worn out from fever and chills to go to afternoon or evening performance.  I heard they did great.  I just laid on the sofa the rest of the day.

     Sunday went to church and tried not to cough on anyone. I really should have stayed home but Hub's is an ASS about missing church and I am not allowed to be sick according to him. Came home a made a meatloaf and an early pumpkin pie, just cause it sounded good.

     I am having trouble sleeping and that is driving me crazy.

     My sister came by this morning to plan Thanksgiving dinner.  I will make relish tray, I already have everything.  I will also make a cheese ball, sweet potatoes, rolls and pies. I don't have to buy much as I make everything from scratch and I have picked up things along the way on good sales.

     I am also making my own small turkey with dressing as my kids will want to take home left overs and mom will also want things here.

     Today I will be sewing and going grocery shopping with sister.  I could not get into see my doctor but he called in a bunch of prescriptions again so I rattle with pills when I walk.

    Nothing got done except shop cleaning last week, sicky loo had me in it's clutches.

Now it's time to get to work and try to get something done.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I hope you feel much, much better! Sounds awful. Take care of yourself & get lots of rest - it's the only way to recover. Perhaps threaten not to go to church next Sunday, unless you get to rest up during the week. ;-)

  2. Dress your mom up in your clothes next Sunday and try to pawn her off on Hubs as you. Maybe he won't notice. lolz

  3. There was a Sunday School superintendent who stood in the pulpit and welcomed us one Sunday, saying there was no reason for anyone to miss church since he had 104 temperature and managed to make it. OMG My mother was ready to take her five children home. She gave the preacher a piece of her mind as he shook us out the door. She said she would have told the sick guy but did not want to catch what he had. For the sake of others, if not yourself, you should have not gone. Of course, you know that, but tell your husband I said

    Oh, I am not a follower of your blog! I will fix that right now. Try not to rattle in bed.

    1. I totally agree with your mom. Sick people should stay home.

  4. So sorry you can't shake this crap. I kind of agree that you should miss church rather than infecting everyone around you. I remember insisting Son2 go to church one Sunday when he declared he had a stomach ache. As if on cue at the last Amen he threw up all over the pew___and me. Looking back I am pretty sure I got what I deserved

  5. When I was teaching I would get upset at parents who sent their sick drippy-nosed kids to infect everyone else in the classroom. Stay HOME!