Friday, April 19, 2019

Friday, It is done, but....

 Finally I can call the front yard DONE!  I still have a few flower pots that site by the front door that have to be filled with shade tolerant plants, but those can be done as I find plants on close out.  Still I feel it is done.  This is the section that we redid and I plan on putting a pumpkin and zucchini plant here later in the spring.  Squash and pumpkins have sex when we are not looking and you can come up with some pretty interesting and inedible things from these sneaky little doings.  Better to separate them.  Like boys and girls dormitories.
 I can't wait until these all bloom it will be so pretty.  This was so much work and I am glad it is done.  Now I will have to stay on top of it and keep it weeded but that is okay.  A yard is always a work in progress.
 See the blank spots where I will eventually put cucumbers and squash.

     On a rather sour note Home Depot no longer has their bark 5 for a  10 dollars and I plan on re mulching the entire back yard.  But we did find it for 2.22 at Wal mart so I am sending hubs for about 10 more bags today. Before it is not on sale anywhere in the valley.

     I am going to have the back done by the church boys.  I did get all the mulch laid around the pond and only have one more bag to lay in a spot by the shed.  Hub's and I also bought 4 bags of red lava rock to fill in a french drain we are creating between the house and the shed.  It matches the mulch and we have laid mulch before only to have it wash away and clog the drain.  This is a project for another day.

     Hub's also was able to till the garden and it is ready to plant, but I will not plant for a few more weeks as most of my seedlings are not ready the garden yet.  I have three trays of corn, green beans and other veggies that will be planted in rotation two weeks apart, for continuous summer harvest.

     We thought hubs had broken the lawn mower yesterday but it turned out he had just run over a plastic toy left out and that caused a terrible oder and smoke. Whew! Did not want a mower bill right now.

     I have to tell you it was 80 degrees yesterday and the sun shown for the whole day.  It was lovely.  I kept telling myself to quit and go get some sewing done, but I did not.  I stayed in the yard the entire day clear until 8 o'clock when the sun went down.  I just could not help myself.  It actually got hot out there in my long sleeve t-shirt and overalls.  I had to push my sleeves up.  I got a little bit of a sunburn on my neck.

     In addition to the front yard, I was able to clean out the outdoor deck cupboard, which holds all canning jars and other outdoor supplies we use regularly.  I threw away a huge bag of garbage, old mismatched torn garden gloves.  (I can go through a pair a day), hand tools that had seen better days, or ones that I never used.  Just regular junk that I for some reason thought we should keep.  I then washed off the deck and the  deck furniture and put out a new table cloth.  Although the deck needs to be painted again and needs work it is clean.

     We took two big bags of sand and put new sand on the stone patios (there are three of them).  So that also has to be done later. But I was very please with the progress we made.  Now I have to pay the piper.

     As I did not get any sewing done yesterday (bad me).  I have to put my nose to the grindstone.  I just have this lackadaisical attitude toward sewing right now, I am sure brought on by my one day in the sun. So I am having to Pippi Longstocking myself into getting into the shop  today and I have to complete these items before I can do anything else.  These are a have to, no questions asked HAVE TO:



1. take ham out of freezer to thaw  (see I start with something easy)
2. alter costume
3. hem costume
4. three pairs police pants hem
5. three pairs pants hemmed and fix two skirts
6. mend missionary suits (get Hub's to take to dry cleaners)
7. finish prom dress already started
8. hem skirt
9. alter wedding skirt
10. alter at least two more prom dresses.
11. run over and fit babies Easter vest , which is done except for side seams.
12. get stew in crockpot
     As next week is recital week I have two more costumes to make and a ton of other alterations that have to be done before the end of the month.  Not counting everything else that will come into the shop.  I know I have at least 5-6 more prom dresses coming in so I cannot neglect to get these things done today.

     I need to go up and start a stew for dinner, and then I am going to make a run to home depot and I will stay in my shop until these things are done. 

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative. 



  1. Your yard looks great, Kim. I know you put a lot of hard work into it and it shows. You have a long to do list today. I have one too. SO far I've done 3 loads of laundry, made breakfast, lunch, washed those dishes, fed the cats, cut my hair, vacuumed up that mess, processed 25 items to resell, and paid the bills. We need a break, lol. I would work in the yard, but we have a thunderstorm going on right now. I hope you have a great weekend & Easter.

    1. Well I am checking into update what I have done, is it sewing NO, but anything to not go into that mess. Good for you on your list now get busy I don't want to be alone.

  2. That will be so lovely when everything is blooming. Great job.
    We are having spaghetti tonight - I had to get my meat out of freezer today as well.
    Plan your work!
    Have a blessed Easter

  3. Wow, you got a lot done and it looks so nice!

    1. Thanks Deb, now to maintain it and get my list above done. Blah!

  4. Kim, was it you who mentioned on your blog a year or so ago about a product you used on a flagstone area or patio that you poured between the cracks of the stones and then added water and it eventually hardened? If that was your blog that I remember reading this, do you have the name brand/description of the product? Thank you so much!

  5. That is lovely, and I'm exhausted just thinking about all the work you did on it! I also learned something about chaperoning squash and pumpkins.

    1. Yes you do have to watch them dirty little buggers.

  6. lackadaisical attitude toward sewing right now, I LOVE THIS LINE.... definitely agree with it as I have 14 windows that need curtains before the weather starts heating up. Not touching my last 3 aprons look like they belong in the rag bin.

    I love your garden.I know how much work it takes to maintain one. Just struggling to get these 2 veggies gardens started before I crank up the beautification part of the rest of this property.