Saturday, April 20, 2019

Saturday, I have lost my Umph....

     It about killed me to get done all the things I had to really put out in the shop yesterday.  I sewed until about 8 o'clock last night, only to have 5 more dresses come in yesterday, so I really made no progress.   I just tell myself I am blessed with work.  This will help pay of the house  keep it up.

      I had one blessing thought that will really help.  The Prom here is on May 4th and I have a wedding that I have to take Hub's mom and dad to on May 4th.  As it is a 5 our drive to the in-laws and another 5 hour drive to the wedding we will split up the trip.  Which mean going down on a Thursday which is two days before the big dance.  The bride of said wedding has decided she does not like the top of her wedding dress and there was talk of me going down a few days early to adjust it, but they found a seamstress in Idaho Falls that can alter the dress.  I would have had to take off almost a week of my really busy sewing days to get this dress taken care of and also take Hub's folks with me.  Hub's would not have been able to go due to work at the High School. But as we can leave On Friday and get to wedding I will not lose all that last minute work.

     This dance is two weeks away and I am getting dresses in right and left it is crazy.  I have to keep up and I feel like I am on a treadmill.

     I am hosting dinner tomorrow and I have a house that needs a full clean.  I have the ham out defrosting but I need to boil some eggs, and make a coconut cake.  Daughter and her hubby and son should be arriving late this afternoon.  I am hoping she will help me a little on getting the house cleaned.  Although I really cleaned the kitchen the other night.  It is mostly sweeping and dusting as usual.

Our menu for tomorrow:

Artichokes, and shrimp cocktail
scallop potatoes  (Lil Sis)
homemade dinner rolls
veggie tray
coconut cake and ice cream

     So I need to run costumes to the studio and drop off the babies Easter vest, then run to the grocer and I am then home to clean, clean, clean.  I will make the cake today.

Better get busy and force myself to do something, I am tired and seem to have lost my drive.  I wonder why?

     Have a blessed and Happy Easter.  He is Risen.



  1. Hi Kim. I enjoy your blog though I am not good at commenting. My mother told all of us girls to not clean before a big gathering as the house will be dirty within minutes of people arriving...especially if there are littles. My sisters and I have taken this to heart and we will do a quick sweep, a very quick dust and that is about it. Being me I did not heed her advice when I was young. I would clean thoroughly then almost weep when I had to clean thoroughly again after. It is a time of togetherness to don’t worry and enjoy your Easter gathering.

    1. Well I am getting more and more that way in fact the area rugs have not been vacuumed up stairs nor has the kitchen floor been washed. I will get to that after church. Maybe... Happy Easter

  2. Wow, you worked late Kim. Bless your heart. I'm glad you have plenty to keep you busy because that's good for business. :)

    1. Happy Easter Belinda . I hope the bunny drops lots of chocolate... eggs in your lap.

  3. I hope you have a wonderful Easter dinner, and a quick recovery to get your UMPH back!

  4. Happy Easter, and I hope today is at least somewhat restful for you!

  5. We gave up family meals at the request of over 2/3rd of the family. They were stressing of coming or fighting which family they would visit even though we held most of our dinners OFF the holiday. A couple of the older ones say they see this with their own children now so they are now asking if there is a holiday the kids can be together and quit trying to have everyone at the same time. We are a huge family with 6 kids (and their SO/spouses = 12) 22 grandkids plus over half have SO/spouse and great grand son who has great great great grandparents(they get first pick as they should) ... My umph abandoned ship, not sure when. I do have a list that helps keep me doing something but never enough energy to get it done like I used to. Keeping meals simple seems to be helping.

  6. Your dinner menu sounds like it was delicious. I am just catching up on comments tonight.