Monday, April 15, 2019

Monday, Pictures and a new plan

      I was able to get chart #6 completed, but unfortunately all monies went to monthly bills and living, I am hoping chart #7 which I should complete before the end of April will all go to the house principle.  We will see.

     Yesterday after completing the missionary loop which by the way took 4.5 hours I was able to mess with mom's fairy garden which did not get touched last year and was buried in over growth and leaves.  I am not one for this kind of kitsch but I redid it in memory of mom.  Probably will dismantle as soon as the dog and cats run through it.  This is a corner of our house that does not get water on purpose, so it looks cute there.

     Kids that come over love to play and rearrange it, so I will keep it foe a while.

 Working hard on the front corner bed which is done, after the perennials die off I will plant a few wave petunias to add color.  Both those trash cans you can see are full of debree. Hubs need to get them to the truck as they are too heavy for me.

Here is the edge I cut back and you can see I still have some fill in plants to get in.  This was very difficult work and the 100 feet across the front still needs to be done.  Look at all the sod pieces out in the driveway.  I have to load those today and get them into the truck.  FUN!  SAY FUN! with more enthusiasm please.  SO much more cleaning and sweeping.   I have to hose down the steps and clean out all the cracks in the driveway.   Whose little blue clog is that peaking out in the picture?

But this is not the worst.....

Yes this is the bear cat of the font yard.  About 1/3 of both the layers of this bed will have to be torn out.  What I have planted there is a ground cover that is very invasive and I cannot keep the grass out of it.  So hub's will have to hurk it out and I will have to clean and add new soil before I can clean the rest of the bed and re mulch.  We took out a huge over grown very sappy ponderosa pine from above this area about two years ago.  It completely changed the amount of sunshine that this bed gets so many of the plants had or have yet to be changed out.  It is a work in progress and last year it saw no work because of mom.  I am dreading this flower bed but it will be done.

     I am going to run up to UPS and mail an Easter package to my nieces.  New raincoats and rain boots and I filled the boots with Easter candy.  Then I must get home and sew.  There is a huge dirty dress rehearsal at the studio at 4 and I am so happy my dancers open the show as then I can leave.  I am trying to use evening from about 6 to8 to do yard work weather permitting.

     Although when I was upstairs I saw a sunbeam so when I get home from UPS and it is still there, I just might change into overalls and work in the yard for a few hours.  Hang the shop.  It would be so nice to get more bark laid out front and get the truck loaded and a few more things done.  Maybe I can get hub's to clean up that bed?  Yeah like that is going to happen. A girl can always dream.

     I need to start something for dinner, will have to go look at what I can cook that can really cook itself. We had eggs, hash browns, toast and bacon for Sunday dinner so I am not in a cooking mood this week.

     I have decided not to do Money saving Madness on Mondays any more, as I do the same things over and over again and I think the posts are boring, but I will post unusual things that I am doing or have done to save money. Or maybe I will come up up with a different day to post these things.  Any thoughts on this?

     We had several things that need to be fixed in two of the missionary apartments.  Electrical and plumbing problems, shower curtains need replaced, I was sent home with two suits that needed major mending plus dry cleaning.  There are no dry cleaners in the small town these sets of missionaries are housed.  Plus with the major flooding in these areas most of them have been baling out homes and working on clean up service so their clothes can become really bad really fast.  They keep mud boots in their trucks but often don't have spare clothes so oh my the mess they make of their suits.  Some of the houses have had two feet of mud in them and they have been tearing out carpets and dry wall.  By the way they were very excited for the cookies.

     Well I had better get busy as the work never does itself.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.





  1. I've got some more yard work to do too before the Easter egg hunt this weekend... It's no fun when you find eggs in the yard under leaves, two weeks after Easter.
    The fairy hut is so cute.

  2. I actually found an egg from at lest three years ago weeding in the strawberry patch. Thanks goodness it was plastic.