Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Wednesday, out in the yard

      Because the littles were here yesterday, I decided to play in the yard.  It is hard to sew with them around.  I can do it but it is frustrating.  I had many, many clients show up yesterday so there were many hand washings and trips up and down stairs.  Also watching two toddlers, while trying to do yard work is no easy challenge.  But I persevered and got the larger part of the back wall trimmed and raked.  I did not trim this part of the wall last year as I got into the season very late with mom being so sick and then by May she was consuming me almost 24/7.  So this ivy was allowed to grow into the grass and it was a bear cat to remove.  I love ivy, but if you are going to grow it you had better love it as it is almost impossible to get rid of.

This is the other part of the wall, you can see the garden half to the left and I did keep that trimmed up to prevent it from consuming the garden.  This large pile of trimmings will be put in  a can.  I had already used up one of our debree cans and when hub's brought me up another I was onto the next project so there it sits.

     I worked really hard around one of the back patios. (see below) I cleaned and weeded.  We lost two of our 18 year old flower boxes to rot but the hostas that I planted in front of the wood pile get so large that they completely covered two of the boxes and you could not see any flowers planted there, so I am just going with the two you will be able to see.  I still have to scrub the red furniture with cleaner and put it back.

You can see the french drain we replaced a few years ago that i will have to hand clean at a later date.  So much work and so little time outside. It was beautiful yesterday and hit 70.  I loved it.

Here is the garbage lot that will have to be sorted and taken to the dump and land fill.  Such a massive amount of cleaning and sorting.  All I did last summer was take a basic care of the garden.  Very little was done outside due to mom's health and subsequent death.  I call it the summer of blur as I remember so little about it. Can you see little me taking the picture in the reflection of the dining room window?
The poor garden area.  I will clean this and then Hub's will till and we can plant.  I was able to get all the flower boxes soil switched out, and some of the flowers planted that will go in them. So that is a big win for me. I have 29 flower boxes down from over 70 years ago when I was still working for a nursery.  Yeah I am a little over the top when it comes to plants and trees and things of that sort. I am going to have the sprinkler company add a soaker hose to the garden right in front of the french drain.  The sprinkler system does not give it enough water and it will solve my bean growth problem.

So all in all I feel like I really got a lot accomplished with this first big day in the yard.  It was so lovely and I was so dirty, and now the floors in the house are a mess, but that is a job for another day. 

     There is so much sewing in the shop right now I think it might explode and I have to really put my nose to the grindstone for the next few days.  I think there are over 10 prom dresses in there plus zippers, and patching and we won't even mention wedding dresses, or bridesmaid dresses, and let us not forget military uniforms.  Ugh!

     I have a bridal appointment at 1:00 and I have to run pay the three bills I have money for at this point, everything else will have to wait until its due date for me to squirrel enough money out of the shop to pay the darn things.  This is what I get for over spending in March.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. I was just telling Hubs we should build planter boxes in the old pool area so we can expand the veggie garden this year. Wanna lay bets on whether it happens? lolz

    1. I know , I know , I know the answer to this one....

  2. I really like your patio areas. I picture you with a nice icy diet coke when the sun shines!

  3. are one productive lady!!!!

  4. Hey Kim. I got a domain web address now and wanted to make sure you have it.

  5. Hi Kim - your lawn looks great to me. It's still brown grass in my area. Good for you in taking advantage of the nice weather and getting some outside time yesterday. You got a lot done and it shows.