Monday, April 1, 2019

Monday, April Fool's Day!

     Hey this is my husbands day to shine, what about yours?  I am back from sewing hell and watching my grandson which was so fun.  He is a sweet little boy, so funny.  We had many good times.

     My trip started out successfully and I found  a quarter and a penny in Riggens when I went for a bathroom stop.  But I forgot to get gas in Boise when I stopped to see Hub's folks and I was about 10 miles out of Twin Falls when my light went on so I pulled into a truck stop in Jerome to get gas.  Well the old bladder found out I was standing up and this gave rise to the emergency dash to the bathroom and I came back to fill my car after I had unfilled myself.  I had my purse, my cell phone all that had been snatched frantically, but no keys.  I had locked my keys in the car.  So 1/2 an hour and 65 dollars later I was on my last 7 miles to daughters.  Really that was not the real emergency.

     The real emergency is that daughter caught me just outside of Caldwell and instructed me to go to the courthouse and pick up some papers that she needed and get them to Twin Falls asap.  They needed to be signed by a certain time.  So here I am trying to get to her with said papers and I lock them in the car also.  I am a stooge what can I say?

     I did not have any Kim episodes the rest of the week. Thanks goodness. But I did sew 9 yes  9 &^%$# dance costumes to sew and I told daughter never again.  It was just too hard on my body.  I normally sew between three and four hours a day and that is all my back can handle.  I really need to get to a chiropractor as something is wrong with my upper back and it is getting progressively worse. I was known for churning out multiples of 20 in a few short days and I just cannot do that anymore.  I am frustrated by my lack of endurance.  I have been shown my age three times now in March.  My brothers fiasco really took, me down and then the week between brothers and twin falls was way too busy and I plowed through only to get to daughter's and try to do this again.  I just cannot anymore.  Hence I am forced to be realistic and slow down.  Damn,  that is hard for me.

These costumes have a long bustled skirt  over a white Romantic Tu tu. I totally blame Sluggy for this, as she took me to this fabric house while we were traveling last fall.  It was amazing and I was able to find the pink fabric  all 70 yards for $20.00.  This bodice fabric was also 20.00 and the pink trim was $.25.00.  She approved with costumers eye what I had found and helped me get it into the overstuffed car and then mailed it to me from PA.
The front has a gathered bustle. 1880's
Bodice is fully lined and boned to fit tight down over bustle skirt.

What it will look somewhat like in the front.

The back of the dress.

So they turned out beautifully, and all told with boning and threads, and lace that my daughter picked up from a shop that was closing (2.00 100 yard spool), interfacing 17 yards, skirts hooks, etc.  all came to about $170.00, but almost killed the mother.  Next time she can find something in a dance catalog.  I don't mind one of a kinds, but multiples, Yikes!

     While I was at daughters, I had my birthday and I received many nice gifties.  Here is my grandson helping me open Sluggies mystery box full of goodness.

Isn't he the cutest?

Here I am staring into the sun with my cards from Sluggs.  Of course insulting the male gender.  Because why not?

Sluggy says I am the older one but who do you believe?
I received phone calls from my sister's and brother, also Sissie sent me the funniest card which James promptly hid from me or I would have taken a picture. We enjoyed the chocolates and I got hair dye which by the look of the picture I need.  Sluggy keeps me beautiful.

My daughter bought me aqua marine earrings, which I can wear with the above church outfit. Yeah, and I  also received a skirt I wanted from Talbots.  It was a nice quiet birthday.

     I am home now to face the music and I am not really happy about it.  The shop is busy, and I am going to take a meal into a mom who just had her 9th baby.  I actually cleaned out a flower bed yesterday evening and it was so fun to play in the dirt.  I need to make some kind of schedule for myself to get the sewing done and the yard work done.  Last year I was dealing with mom so much of the time that yard work took a real back seat and I don't want to leave ti all to Hub's.  First of all it is not fair and second he has no taste and it just doesn't look as good. 

     It really has to get a little warmer in the mornings for me to either walk so I can use my evenings for the yard, or I can do yard work in the morning and then walk in the evening.

     This month is going to be hell financially as I have bills coming in from the Missoula trip and all this traveling and paying hard on the house is taking it's tole.

More on these factors tomorrow and a catch up on the last months goals and what in (**&^ am I going to do about getting myself on even keel again.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. I am wishing you a vacation filled with no sewing and nothing other than diet cokes and resting!

  2. I hope you drank your fill of diet coke and slept past the scandalous hour of 8 for your birthday!

    1. I drank too much and I am now back on the wagon so to speak.

  3. A 9th baby!?! Oh honey, you should have taken her a coupon for a free vasectomy instead!

    And don't you DARE blame moi for the dance costume torture you put yourself through. I thought you were making us matching Halloween costumes with all that fabric....because you know I would have worn it out in public. lolz

    Limit your shop hours and sewing, don't try to throw extra at the mortgage, rest a bit and indulge in some DC(ok, maybe a pastry too)for April. My ears are still burning from that F-bomb you dropped on the phone. lolz

    1. Well there is about 20 yards left so I will make you a costume and me a garrotte.Yes the F bomb is sometimes happens.

  4. The costumes came out great. I can see how doing a bunch of them would be overwhelming. I use a chiropractor and he is wonderful. That is very nice of you to bring the new mom of 9 kids dinner. I am sure she is grateful for any and all help. I hope you had a nice birthday.

    1. Thanks, I really need to go a see my chiro just can't seem to find the time. Ha!

  5. The costumes are amazing. And you look really pretty in your birthday picture. (Also relaxed, but I might be confusing that with exhausted.)