Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Wednesday, Hey what about sewing?

      I swear all I did yesterday was run up and down our stairs.  between chasing kids and the shop it was a very busy day.  I have been buying my white flour in these bags and then reusing them to make pillows for gifts.  Everyone loves these.  I wish more things cam in a reusable package. Deviled eggs were eaten up in less than a day the babies loved them.

 Here is my mealy apple salad and my slightly discolored egg salad.  You know how the egg dye leaks into the eggs, so you have pink and blue egg salad.  It sill tastes delicious. The chickens had a banner day with all the food scraps as I made two  batches of scalloped potatoes and ham.  I also am soaking a huge pot of different beans to make bean soup with the ham bone.  We will eat on it for a few days and then freeze the rest.
     One for us and one for my friend, who was thrilled to get a meal.  See that meaty Ham bone that will go in a big old pot of beans!  Yum  I took a picture of the two almond cakes I made but some how they did record, probably because I was running with scissors, up and down stairs.

    I am very disappointed to say that I got very little sewing done and I have to go finish the laundry I started.  The thought that I could even attempt to get any ironing done is a joke.  But I always aspire to that which cannot be done.  It is my way you know?

     I do have to teach a glass today from 4-5 but other than that it is sewing.  I really need to knock out at least 8 dresses today, so I am going to chose things that can be done as quickly as possible so I can clean up the shop a little.  It is a zoo in there.

     I have even called a girl friend for reinforcements I hope she responds.  More work is pouring in than I think I can do, but if I can just get a few things out I think I will be able to breath better.   I really need Sluggy or my Sissie here right now to help. Does anyone else sew that can come and rescue me?

     It is beautiful outside and I cannot even think about trying to go out and enjoy the sunshine.

1. hem black prom dress
2. fix mother of groom dress and jacket
3. alter burgundy dress
4. alter black funeral dress
5. hem blue prom dress
6. hem violet prom dress
7. alter white prom dress
8. light blue prom dress hem
9. royal blue prom dress hem
10. black tux pants
11. black pants
12. dress blues
13. red prom dress, hem and straps
14. easy wedding dress
     And the list goes on and on let's not even talk of the three wedding dresses that need attention.  Okay I am going to stop now or I will bring on a fit.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. Oh, I like the flour bags. Where do you buy that flour? I made deviled eggs this week too. They don't last long around here either. We've also had that colored egg salad. LOL I'm going to make stock with my ham bone for potato soup. I did ht las time and it was really good. Hope you have a good and productive day, Kim.

  2. Those are really neat flour bags :)

    1. Aren't they cute they shrink up really bad but make a neat throw pillow.

  3. I'm with Belinda, where do you buy flour in the bags like that?
    And you are amazing!!! I think with that much stuff that I HAVE to sew, I'd try to get out of it... Because it would cut into my (for me) sewing...

    1. I sew nothing for myself,just buy on sale off the rack, I will however alter.

  4. I can only sew when it comes to piecing quilts or hemming my own pants. But I could cook, clean, do the laundry, iron and teach your class for you! (Unless it's Highland, Irish or hip-hop.)

    1. Dang it is Irish but I just called and told the owner to rehearse them I am too far behind.

  5. You are one busy lady!! My grandmother used her flour sack to make shorts for me when I was a chunky little girl! They were floral prints with elastic waists and not flattering to my chunky body.

  6. I do like that flour sack, but I'm more envious of the ham bone. I'm not so good at sewing, but a champion at eating.

  7. I still have a small quilt my mother made (or maybe it was her mother) from some cloth sugar sacks. She sewed them together and cross-stitched a design of a sleeping cat on 8 of the squares. It is a treasure I will never part with. Looks like you've got some of your sewing obligations completed. Get a move on now with the rest will you? :)