Saturday, April 6, 2019

Saturday, dodging the weather.

     I am currently waiting for a bride to arrive and I have to complete a bag of mending I neglected to get done this week. I am hoping to get some major yard work done but the weather is precarious.  So I will dodge the rain drops and work around it as much as possible.

     It is not like I have nothing to do as the house really needs love.  I also want to get over to a local nursery for potato starts as I did not get mine in time last year and they ran out.

     We stopped and bought Hub's a new Pulaski as he lent his good one out to the boy scouts and was returned some kind of Micky mouse tool.  He is sure the forest service got the good one as most people don't own that kind of a heavy tool and they thought it was theirs,. The local boy scouts were working a trail with the Forest service.  He needs to have his name on his tools when they are loaned out.  I also picked up a couple of sets of gardening gloves as I could only find one set without holes and they were also well worn.  I can wear through a set of rubber tipped gloves in one day of yard work.

     We were not inspired by either piece of land we saw yesterday and will keep looking.  One 10 acre piece was heavily timbered and would require a bid out to a local mill to sell the wood which would pay for the land itself, but we could not get into it as the snow was still too deep.  We will try a peruse this piece later in the spring.

     My Lil sis is taking my out to dinner this evening for my birthday, that will be nice. I don't have to cook tonight. So I am now going to go out and see what I can get done outside.  I am trying to do one area at a time, but find myself spraying all over the yard, here a little there a little.  Which gets nothing done completely.  But I really want to get  all the whirly gigs picked up in the back yard so I can lay bark.  I won't be able to get them out of the french drains as that must be done by hand later.

     I wonder if I can get Hub's to use his new Pulaski to grub out certain areas of my front beds so I can put in new soil and plants?  Well maybe that will happen.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. Hope you have a very productive day! I managed a run, cleaning (most) of the house, made taco meat for the freezer, & took people to soccer. Hosted a sleepover. Now about to kick back with a glass of wine. Yes!

    1. Good for you and hosting a sleep over is no joke, I think a bottle of wine is in order.

  2. I hope your day is productive too, Kim.

  3. It was and now I will be sore for days!

  4. I am just catching up on your blog after my surgery. So Happy Belated Birthday!

  5. And now thanks to your blog and your hubs, I know what a Pulaski is! I'd only ever heard of the Polish soldier in the Revolutionary War. Gosh, I love these here internets. Remember when information was *hard*?