Monday, April 29, 2019

Monday, One more week

     Well I made it through the dance recital in one piece. Now I just have to make it through this week and the wedding on the weekend which will involve at least 20 hours of driving.  Yikes, things are so far apart out west.

     We woke today to a furnace that was not putting out any heat.  It turns on and blows but no heat.  Hub's was complaining yesterday of being cold and I am usually the cold one, but this morning it was obvious something was wrong as it was 50 degrees in the house.  I am typing in a sweater and turtle neck and I think it is warmer outside than inside.  I had hubs go plug in a space heater in my shop as my hands are too cold to sew.

     We will be leaving for Hub's parents on Thursday afternoon and plan to be home late Monday.  We will drive the 5 hours to mom and dad's stay the night. then get up early and take the dog to our daughters which is two hours away but, on the way.   Then another 4 hours to the wedding.  We will pick dog back up on our way back. 

     Roscoe is an indoor/outdoor dog and does not understand chains and being left out.  They have a large dog house but again, our dog is not trained.  They have had grizzly bears and mountain lions in the yard and I will not have Roscoe chained up like a piece of meat waiting to be eaten. Also the county road runs in front of the Farm house and one of Roscoe's sisters was killed out there a few weeks ago, so he has to be left some where he can be watched.  Our grandson says Roscoe is part his dog and will love having the kennel in his room.  They also have a fenced yard.   That works for me.

     I am not looking forward to the long drive ,but Mom and Dad can't go unless we take them.  As there are only three children that can help it is our turn.  Hub's sister that lives in the same town as mom and dad, is in Georgia with one of her twins whose baby has been in the hospital, this same sister has another daughter who is expecting twins any day now so she can not be tied up with this wedding.

     We are not taking the babies this week as I have to much sewing and housework to get done.  The house is a wreck as I really did nothing last week to help keep it clean.  It was sew, sew, sew.  I am still behind but plan on taking care of that today.  The shop is a filthy mess and the first thing on my agenda is to straighten and organize it a bit.  Then sew.

     I have already started the laundry for the last week and my ironing is out of control.  Actually ironing might warm me up as the steam rises.

     There are two wedding dresses and 4 prom dresses to get done before Wednesday, plus a myriad of smaller things.  I just got a call on another dress so make that 5.  My goal in the shop to day beside organization is to get the 4 prom dresses done and at least one wedding dress started. Plus really clean the basement and straighten the upstairs.

     We are watching our youngest great nephew tonight for about 4 hours and I want a clean place for him to play.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are int he negative.



  1. That is a lot of driving for a wedding. I hope you have a safe trip.

    1. It is a lot of driving, but that is how it is out west. we have very few airports and even fewer major highways. We goat trail.

  2. Hope you have a good wedding experience, and a safe trip! I hate the furnace thing. Ours seems to do that every couple of years. Either in the dead of winter, or the air conditioning gives up in the heat of summer.

    That's a good decision for Roscoe. Quite a drive. We do it several times a year, 9 hours one way, to visit our college son in Norman, Oklahoma. Our dogs are outside pets, and we have an adult son to come look in on them while we're gone. They're pretty content to stick around on our 20 acres, and stay off the mile of gravel road that leads to the county road.

    1. We had the same thing happen about 12 years ago and it was the dead of winter, with guests. I out a space heater in their room and shut both doors. It worked.