Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Tuesday, I hate to waste my time

     Time is precious you know and right now I have little time to waste.  So having my time wasted aggravates me. Last nights rehearsal was an example for me.  I realize for those participating it wasn't a waste, but for me 3 hours of my life I will never get back.  Then I came home too tired to get any sewing done.  I did get a dress ripped.   Now I have three ripped and one actually on the machine waiting. I will not do any sewing until the littles leave.

     I am waiting for Hub's to get home (he is reading the paper at the Veterans home) so I can get some help with this menagerie. I asked Hub's to bring home some celery as we are out and I want to make an apple salad with my pruny old apples.  Also the baby needs his pants changed and I think rock, paper, scissors is in order.  Every time he walks by I get a strong whiff of something not quite right.

    My attitude is a little better today, even though I know I am in for a late night of sewing. I will get upstairs soon and whip up a Swedish almond cake and while that is baking I can put the scalloped potatoes together and make the apple salad.  There is also laundry to get done and maybe I can put away a few things from Easter.  Everything I do while the littles are here, depends on what they are doing or trying to do. Only so much can be accomplished with chaos one and chaos two under foot.  Hub's can only bar the door for so long.

     So things to get done today:

1. laundry
2. put away china and silver chest
3. maybe put away some Easter stuff?
4. make scalloped potatoes
5. make egg salad
6. do up some deviled eggs
8. make 2 almond cakes
9. chop up an apple salad.
10. maybe do some ironing something I can pick up and leave when I am chasing a little
11. Deliver meal after littles go home
12. sew at least 3-4 dresses and get them out of the shop.

     We will see how much gets done.

I saved money by getting some hose parts and cutting the new hose we just bought last year.  It had developed a puncture and I cut off ten feet and put on a new male end. (2.69)  Saving a 50 foot hose (now 40 foot).

     Now I have no excuse but to get to work, Hubs is home, the family room is destroyed all is right with the world.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.




  1. Big hugs Kim...you sound totally worn out and in need of some precious down time. I worry about you and all you have taken on.

    1. I am getting through the next two weeks and then a little done time I think.

  2. So much to do, so little time! The deviled eggs alone would overwhelm me.

  3. its hard work when the grands arrive. I wish I could just have some of their energy, but they won't share!!!

    1. I know it is non stop action and I am exhausted when they leave.

  4. I wish you a calm and productive week. You deserve it.

    1. Well is is anything but calm. However I am productive.

  5. I think you might still be recuperating form the big clean out at your brothers. I hope you can pause a moment to enjoy the hopefully now nice weather. Good work on the hose.

    1. Yes I think I am. I need a day of just resting in the sunshine.