Thursday, November 3, 2022

Thursday, Plugging away, Thrifty Thursday

 I was pretty proud of what I got done yesterday.  I stuck to my timer and list. Hubs had to work at the high school yesterday and I just pulled some soup I had frozen out of the freezer for dinner, so that was quick and easy.

I have no idea what I will do today, but it should probably be better than soup.

Hubs pulled two of our large tomato plants and pulled off all the green tomatoes to ripen in the garage.  He still has several more to do.  We should be able to make about 4 batches of homemade sauce. Plus, more eggplant and the green peppers are crazy.  I will have to put the green peppers on the giving page as we have way, way too many for us to eat.

Today I want to get to a couple of wedding dresses, I have one very easy one and then I must get the shop cleaned and organized, it is starting to cause me to get discombobulated.  But there is just no end to the work coming in right now.

Thrifty doings this week:

1. saved all my change, found 3 dimes, one nickel, and 4 pennies.

2. saved all my $5 dollar bills now have $105.00 so $55.00 this week

3. put $96.08 in my penny can for the month of November

4. Ate all meals except for the pizza from the pantry and freezer

5. obtained many roasts and steaks and other meats, from runners that stayed with us.

6. used coupons at Jo anns

7. used points at Albertsons to get free broth and apple juice

8. Still using fresh produce from the garden

9. Sunday paper had Dairy Gold coupons and I combined them with a local sale and got some butter for $1.75 a pound and large bottles of 1/2 and 1/2. for a really good deal.  I will freeze most of this. I just can't turn down those kind of sales.

10. downloaded receipts to fetch 

11. saved all food scraps for chickens

12. Working on getting a free Turkey from Ibotta.  But only buying what we need.

Did you do anything this week to save money?  If so, what?

Well, I am off to get some work done.  And some cleaning done.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. Quarter and seed those peppers and freeze. I make stuffed pepper casserole. A layer or 2 of peppers and then the "topping": 1# ground beef browned and drained, 10oz can of enchilada sauce, 3c cooked rice (I keep cooked brown basmati in the freezer at all times), and as much cheese as you love. Bake 375 for 30 minutes. I will be VERY sad to run out of frozen peppers!

    Yea for salvaged tomatoes. I've got only a dozen left awaiting their ripe eating day.

  2. Well, I did the usual and have started to think I need to up my thriftiness. I seem to do the same things every week and need to add to the list.

    You did very well with your saving.

    God bless.

    1. Well these are just habits we have created that have saved us money over the years and they work!

  3. I had a productive day today - it was so pretty out. Chop those peppers and freeze or dehydrate - you will wish you had them this winter!!!
    Sounds like you have done really well this week.

  4. Freeze the peppers for future winter days. Until there are ads, we will spend little at the grocery. I took back the $200 shoes Medicare will pay for and got another pair of sandals Medicare will not pay for. I used my $20 birthday coupon from SAS for that, and Tommy paid for them. I got a free tablet from Lifeline and cut the cost of cell service in half with a new service. We have been eating leftovers and not wasting. I recycled the pumpkin for jacko lantern by turning the drawn face to face the house and left the pumpkin to last through Thanksgiving weekend.

    1. I have no room in the freezers, but I think if I make jam I can free up some room.

  5. As everyone says...freeze the peppers. I have a freezer full. lol
    Hope you enjoy your Friday off!!

    1. we only eat so many, casein upsets my stomach. So I was able to give away many yesterday.