Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday, It is the 15th today?

    We ate leftover chicken chili last night it was even better the second day.  So today I get to make meatloaves and Swedish meatballs.

    Purchased 4 rolls of cheap sausage for $4.29 to put in meatballs.

  Yippee!  I thought today was the 16th and I have an extra day as I forgot to pay the house payment yesterday while I was at the bank because I was distracted by my own stupidity.  This happens quite often. I won't even go into my bank dilemma which of course was my fault!  I won't cost me any money so that is the blessing.

     My Sissie sent me one of her boxes O'sh$%.  This is where she goes through her house and cleans or de clutters and then send the stuff to you. She also shops and finds little bargains that she knows you will love and sends them. We are both trying to de clutter so she sends me a pile of stuff because she likes to see me squirm.  This box was great because I loved everything even though I am not to add anything to my house this year.  It was all really nice and I will use most of it the dirty scoundrel.

Christmas foxes (re gift)
Christmas pate' plate and spreader (re gift)
fancy olive plate (cup broke)  will use to send out treat.
2 beautiful boxes of expensive soap with a gift card attached so will put a Starbucks card in and give as gifts to teachers.
New wooden spoon set (I will throw my old gross ones away)
Spindle rolling pin (I have always wanted one)
2 popover pans (I have always wanted these, Sissie makes the best popovers)
an old fashioned bottle opener that hooks to the wall. Always need this at Christmas!
A little white porcelain milk jug for milk when we have hot cereal.
A large white gravy boat.
2 pairs of burgundy gold toe socks
A smelly diffuser that matches my guest bathroom.
A fridge garlic keeper (always wanted one)
A fridge lemon keeper (always wanted one)

Isn't that a great load of goodies?

     I sewed like a demon yesterday and will have to today also.  It isn't even 11:00 and I already have had over $100.00 worth of new product brought in, I really need to stay busy for awhile.

     So today's plan is to sew, sew, sew and make up the burger I bought Wednesday on sale.  I don't have to teach tonight and I hope the weekend is nice so I can do a little yard work with hubby.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Replies
    1. dang you caught me, won't even let me live in my illusion....

  2. Haha, this post was so confusing. It is the 16th today but somehow I've been behind all month with the date. I keep writing the day before as the date on everything I have to sign and date. Looks like you've joined in my madness :)

  3. I'm jealous of your sewing time!!!