Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Tuesday, outta my funk...

No spend day yesterday.
We ate leftovers, and today 1 lb of burger out of freezer, one package of taco mix out of storage and one can of kidney beans.  Will go purchase taco chips and a tomato to complete taco salad.  Actually will buy a few tomatoes as we have so much bacon and will have blt's later this week.  We are also very low on cheese.

    Okay I talked myself out of my bad/sad mood yesterday.  Just getting down to the studio and seeing the kids is what it took.  We have several new students coming in today and that is always nice and reassuring.  Something about new blood really helps.  My tap teacher had her baby 10 days late in December and will not be ready to come back to work for a few more weeks so I will be teaching her classes. We have to move many ballet students around in the younger classes as they get too large.  What a nice blessing.

     Well I just got word from Sissie, the Rosaries are on Sunday evening and the funeral is Monday morning. So now I make plans to drive to Missoula yet again.  We will leave Saturday morning and return? I might send Hub's home after funeral and then take mom's car and drive her back here for a few weeks or at least the month of January. She could change her mind.

     I am still doing laundry and am now bleaching the whites, soon I will get to sort socks!  Oh what fun.  Life is so exciting.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Glad you are feeling better :)

  2. I love hearing about the meals you are pulling together out of this and that! You will save HUGE by only buying what you need, in the way of groceries, to complete a meal. I know it's hard ignoring the bargains but you will love the money you save!