Monday, June 27, 2016

Monday, long drive again

     I ran down to the studio to get a Celtic workshop started and see the teacher.  Fun to see some of my dancers, love those little monkeys.  We are taking Hub's folks home today as his dad wants to go.  Hub's mom would stay longer but Hub's wants her to go.  She is very bossy and I think he has had it with her.  We are taking both the truck and the car down as we are bringing back his grandmothers small corner china hutch for our dining room.  I will paint it and replace the hardware.

     The more I am around my in-laws the more I see why Hub's has the problems he has.  They are deep seeded from childhood.  As much as we try not to be like our relatives we are just like them.  Mirror, mirror on the wall I am my mother after all.

     So I am facing 11 hours in the car in the next 24 hours.  Got to love that.  I have already had about 8 police uniforms in today and I have a whole Bridal party coming at 12:45, then I will take off for Nampa.

     Over the last week we have had 3 people to the doctor for prescriptions.  Both my mom and Hub's had bronchitis, Hub's mom had a bad case of dermatitis.  We made her go she was so miserable.   She is not one to go to the doctor.  Mom was very sick the night before last and so was sis's dog.  Both mom and the dog were sick all over the bed.  Okay too much info.  Sis's dog is half blind and deaf( come to think of it so is mother) he was able to get into a bag of red licorice and eat the entire thing.  So sis and I were doing laundry down to the bed skirt, which of course had to be ironed.  I made her iron it, as it wasn't my dog that barfed all over.  We also had to clean the carpet.  Too much fun I tell you.

     Well I have plenty of work to get done before we leave so I had better get moving.

Have a great and productive day!


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  1. That is a lot of sickness in one house. Hopefully, you don't come down with any of this.