Sunday, June 5, 2016

Sunday, Full House

     Remember when we were going to sell this big old place?  Well it is full!  Mom is down stairs in the spare room which is the largest bedroom in the house with a walk-in closet.  She has it so full of crap you can hardly move.

     Lil Sis is now in the upstairs bedroom and bath.  We have a porta crib in the front room next to the baby grand.  It is a lovely addition.  All of daughter and babies stuff is in our room. We now have two dogs.  I still don't have a sink in the kitchen.  Whine, Whine.

     I need to get into the tub and I will as mom is at church.  Hub's is at a meeting and the rest of the crew just took off for the beach on the river.  I think I will make all the beds before I go soak the paint off my body.

     Painted most of the day yesterday off and on.  Between cooking and cleaning and I don't know why I bother to clean as it just turns ugly in a few minutes.  We are eating on the back deck now and planning meals around the grill.  I have everything ready for home made potato salad in the fridge. Will put a roast in the crock pot for French dips served with watermelon, and salad from the garden and tato salad.

     I have picked I don't know how many bowls of sweet cherries this past few days.  Neighbors tree is a triple graft of queen annes, bing and yellow girl.  Sent mom with a large Tupperware bowl full of cherries for her church potluck.  She was fussing about this and I said cherries are $4.99 a lb. How many people get to eat as many as they want?  This will be a hit. She wanted me to bake something.

     Still have legs and a bunch of touch up to do on the chairs.  Hopefully can complete at least the paint part tomorrow then I will let them sit in the hot sun for 48 hours and put 2 sealer coats on them 24 hours apart.  They are so pretty.  Can't wait to take a picture to show you.

     Eek it is getting late I had better move.

Have a peaceful and restful Sabbath.



  1. Wow, just wow! It wears me out just reading this!

  2. Cherries are my absolute favourite! Here they are 6.99/lb. I bought 2.5 lbs and ate them in two days!! Why oh why do they have to be so expensive???