Monday, January 8, 2018

Monday, Money saving madness & My Sissie is coming!

I just had to show you the picture of my very talented cat.  She embroiders beautifully.  This is an activity she does while watching TV as she can't just sit and watch TV.

I emailed Sis last night and gave her a run down of mom's condition.  I just felt that she should see what we are dealing with as some decisions will need to be made and things done that neither Lil sis and I want to do alone.  I am so excited and relieved.  My Sissie is coming, I have a new spring in my step.  Yikes my house is a mess.  But that is okay I will leave it for her:)

Mom fell again at Lil Sis's house in the bathroom.  She was left to brush her teeth and such.  Now we will not leave her alone in a room when she is on her feet and moving, she is just too unstable.  She will be so thrilled to see Sis.

Lil sis took her for the weekend, but I went and got her on Saturday as Lil sis was trying to paint some ceilings in her house, and then mom fell.  I did have Lil sis come pick mom up Sunday when Hub's and I went to church and then I went back and picked her up, so Lil sis could continue working.

I hope to get something accomplished today, I feel like I am on a treadmill of the undone.  Nothing is finished and I have so many little things I want to close the door on.  I am very messy and unorganized, just running from one project to the next.  I hate it when I get this way and I am sure it is brought on by stress with the mom situation.  I ping pong around like a ball in a pinball machine.  My brain firing left then right.  Maybe if I locked myself in a room and wasn't allowed to leave until I was done with said room?  I don't know.  But when Sis comes she will whip my butt into shape.  Relief thy name is sister.

     On to Monday Money Saving Madness:
1. Cooked all meals from home, with ingredients from storage.
2. Ate out on Saturday when I was with the two younger girls, but D# 2 Paid, see they are growing up!
3. Purchased meats on a great mark down and sealed them in the freezer.
4.Continued working on projects to save money in the kitchen, Wax wraps, reusable covers, cloth napkins.
5. When I was in a store and I managed to be in one 5 of the 7 days*&^%$, I was able to walk by all the great after Christmas sales and only buy what I came for.  It was very hard.
6.Did my deep breathing exercises 4 times last week and already can feel the effects on my lungs, saving me from going to the doctor again.
7. Took all food scraps to the chickens.
8. Ate almost all of our leftovers.  Only a little rice went to chickens.
9.I am really trying to concentrate on turning lights off as I leave a room, and not running water when it isn't necessary. I do suffer from lack of light this time of year so I do turn on more lights then usual.  I just forget to turn them off.
10. Used my clothesline Hub's put up several times and I love it for sheets and kitchen aprons,


Well I am off to set the world on fire and get something done.  I have plenty to do in the shop, but first I will get dressed and strip the beds up stairs and finish up the kitchen.  Pictures coming I promise.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. well done on passing by all the Christmas sales. Had a look at them myself while in Walmart today, but like you passed them by........

    1. It is hard as I justify that it is a good deal. So proud you were able to stay strong.;)

    2. So happy you are working on that self control. Now share your secret...:)

  2. I keep adding to future gift stocks with various deals, but need to be done! I thank God daily for my sisters-glad yours can come to help.

    1. I have not even been adding, because once I start it is all out the window! Sisters are the best.

  3. So this means no trip East in Feb? Glad you are getting sis reinforcements tho. 8-)
    What a talented cat! lolz

    1. Not necessarily. I just really need her to see mom's state and I need her period.

  4. Falling is scary. Is she fearful of falling or does she pass it off as nothing? I hope I have wherewithall to care if I ever start falling like she is. I really always hope you will tell more about your chickens. I am much more interested in chickens than any other animal, although your crocheting cat could be useful with all your projects you have going. Lucky you, having a clever cat. Reinforcements should help with decisions.

    1. She is afraid now of falling, she has bruises all over she looks like she has been beaten. Our chickens are three years old now and we need to get new ones but I cannot kill the old ones. They are my babies so we will let the older out to graze and put the newer ones this spring in the coop. We will have essentially two coops as we put the older ones in at night.