Saturday, January 20, 2018

Saturday, I love me a Saturday!

     Here it is my favorite day of the week.  I think it started when I was a child with Saturday morning cartoons.  We four musketeers would sneak a can of my mom's soda and hide it  behind the blue sea trunk in my grandmothers bedroom.  Why that spot I don't know?  Then we would gather together in front of our black and white TV.  We would sit close as no one as up to tell us it would hurt our eyes.  We were a tight group from tallest to smallest and we would pass the soda back and forth taking small sips and making it last as long as we could.  I don't ever remember arguing about programs or someone taking too much soda.  It was just a great childhood bonding time.  I think my parents were grateful for the opportunity to sleep in and grandma was already at the restaurant.  It was is a good memory.

     Sissie and mom are out doing errands and I am just enjoying the time of not worrying about mom and planning my day of doing nothing important.  No shop bell ringing, no customers.  I get to do what I want and it is lovely.

     Yesterday Sis cleaned my fridge:)  Happy dance. I made two homemade pizza's for dinner, with a nice tossed salad.  I started my napkins and I will finish them today.  The shop was busier than I thought it would be.

     Mom is feeling better and getting mean again.  I had a total break down yesterday concerning mom's mean mouth.  I usually let her rude nasty comments just slide off my back.  Maybe having Sis hear to hear them embarrassed me or I get tired of being accused of not taking good care of her.  I just blew, and it was ugly.  I cried and upset myself.  Lil sis says I need to call mom on the carpet more often, but I am a peace maker.  Well yesterday I called her on about 5 miles of carpet.
Kim losing her cool

Did you know that?

I never cook, I am a bad cook and mother never gets a decent meal?

I am sooooo perfect, I am  never at fault? ( said with sarcasm when I was trying to resolve a fight between two family members)

She has asked for a dvd player in her room thousands of times, in fact every day and she is ignored?

Yada, yada, Kim is bad, lazy, stupid, belongs to the wrong religion, has a no good husband, saves too much money, spends too much money, never cleans the house, cleans too much.

The list goes on and on.  I know she is an old demented woman, but I do have feelings and her comments hurt.

     Sis and I are going to attack my linen closet today, and I am going to make sweet rolls, then work on projects.  Lil sis will take mom later today, so maybe sis and I can have some time to ourselves.  Maybe?

     Well I am off to enjoy myself, What are you going to do with your Saturday?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. Since I am the victim of Mom's vitriol on her unhappy days I understand. Call me and we can compare notes about what crappy daughters we are.

  2. Hugs. My mom is dealing with a challenging situation with her mom, so I can relate in a very small way.

    As for me, trying a new recipe & drinking wine. Chicken curry over rice. Hope it turns out! :-) Happy Saturday!

  3. They always hurt the ones they love!!! I've seen it many many times in the nursing home. Take comfort in knowing she really loves you!

  4. I have such good memories of Saturdays too and one aspect was the funny papers. Also the fact that parents usually sleep in gave us the chance to get into things we shouldn't. I'm glad you had some time to yourself - treasure it!

    1. The funny thing is my kids really never watched Saturday morning cartoons. It was such a ritual for us.

  5. It sounds like living with your elderly Mom is like living with special needs kids! They just don't have filters and say every single thing that comes into their heads! I usually let it roll over me, too, but there are occasions where it really hurts. Hang in there. One day at a time.

    I'm glad you are getting some sister time.

  6. Well it's like I always say, "having a weird mother builds character."