Friday, November 10, 2017

Friday, 18,17,16, How does that happen?

 Yesterday was a busy mess.  I was trying to clean out the two small freezers so I could make room for a turkey and a ham.  Both of which will go on sale this time of year.  It is a real struggle here to have enough freezer room.

I pulled at least a dozen frozen bananas out of the upstairs freezer.  I put mom and D#3 in charge of making small loaves of banana bread for gifts at Christmas. D#3 is out of work again as her grant money ran out at the University.  So she came down for a couple of days to spend with us before flying to her older sister's where she will watch the boys for a couple of weeks.

This is so nice as we have company coming tomorrow and Hub's is coming home tonight from daughters.  I have such a mess here.  Why is organization messy?  At least it is for me.  I managed to use up 2 three pound bags of frozen cubed potatoes, a dozen frozen bananas, Two large bags of frozen fruit.  I have just enough room for a ham and a Turkey I think?

Anyway mom and D#3 made 18 loaves of banana bread with pecans, cherries, and chocolate chips.  They all turned out so well.  So daughter double wrapped them and I took them over to sister's house to store in her freezer.

     After trying to get sewing done most of the day, for some reason my mojo is off and I am having trouble getting things done.  I went upstairs and made 17 pints of cherry/blueberry jam with fruit I pulled from the freezer.  It is delicious.

     On Monday  I ran to the grocer to get milk and they had run a special on Roma tomatoes.  It was a three day special ending Monday and the tomatoes were .98 a lb.  Well there were at least  ten cases of tomatoes there and the special was over in a couple of hours,so I found a manager and was able to get 1.5 cases for .39 a lb.  I know, I know more work, but my tomatoes did not do as well as I would have liked this year and I was not able to can as many as I usually do, so this made up the difference.  I did 16 quarts of chopped Roma tomatoes.  I was able to clean the kitchen before collapsing, but I still have to deal with the floor, it is thwack, thwack sticky.  You know the sound your shoes make across a sticky floor?  Thwack, thwack?

     So here it is Friday and it has been a crazy busy week, mostly because I made it that way trying to get organized.  How does that happen?  I have a gift I tell you.  But I have so much to do today to get things all sorted before tomorrow.  So happy my B is here to help me.

     I have all the stocking stuffers and gifts I have bought for Christmas so far piled all over the spare room.  I need to get in there and organize that mess and put every thing away.  That will be another goal completed.  The only two things I did not get to do while hub's was gone was organize the garage staples storage and yard work of any kind.  Oh well I worked hard and did what I could.

 So today:

1. laundry
2. scrub kitchen floor
3. dust, mop and vacuum upstairs floors
4. clean and vacuum family room
5. straighten shop and complete one dress blue military uniform
6. Get mom's bath and bedroom really clean under her direction
7. Organize Christmas gifts and get things wrapped that I can.
8. Have some fun with B before she leaves

     So 18 loaves of gifty bread, 17 jars of jam,16 quarts of tomatoes,I think I did pretty well yesterday and the bonus is room in the freezer for marked down meats.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. I hate that thwacking. Even worse, is walking on a floor barefoot that is sticky. You got a lot done with a group effort, mostly your effort. For many years I worked under soft money and it was always a breath-holding time waiting for the grant to be renewed.

    Your mother supervises the cleaning of her room bathroom? Fun times at your house.

    Will your daughter be able to come back and help out more? It certainly would be helpful for you. I don't think I could have passed up those Roma tomatoes, either.

  2. I know and my wrist is so sore today. I sear I chopped for 2 straight hours.

  3. You got an insane amount of work done today, plus got got come Christmas gifts made! Woo hoo!
    When I find the secret to why organizing is so messy I am going to sell it to the highest bidder, retire wealthy and hire 2 maids.

  4. Even worse is when you are wearing socks, and step into a puddle of water that got accidentally spilled when doing dishes by someone who didn't clean it up--what a shock!!! I, also, don't like that sticky floor, either with shoes or without!!!

    What a great feeling, though, to see all that canning accomplished. There's nothing that makes me feel more productive than a counter full of canning!! Scrubbing and so on is great, and needs to be done, but those jar lids popping......Ahhhhh. There's nothing like it.