Friday, November 24, 2017

Friday, Black Friday!!!

Are you a Black Friday Shopper?  I am all about saving money, and I live in a smaller town so fighting the crowds at Christmas here is not like fighting crowds in a larger city.  I went Black Friday shopping with my sister-in-law once in Boise.   We got up at 4 in the morning and stood in line in the freezing cold.  I was excited, it was a frenzy.  We were done shopping and home by 11:00 that morning.
    I remember purchasing many large ticket items at great prices.  Almost every thing was electronic or appliances.  Yes they were nice and all of them were for my kids.  I mean I just could not pass up that kind of sale.  I know D#1 was in Law school because she needed a new vacuum cleaner.  It was a need gift and the only one I needed to buy.  Everything else was just"But it's such a good deal."  I never did this again.  The kids didn't really seem to care.  I was deeply in debt.  Now I was more in debt.  I just cannot do that to myself any more. 

     One thing that makes Christmas much easier for me is shopping throughout the year and finding really good gifts at bargain basement prices.  My girls don't care that is was bought on sale.  They do like quality so I really try and find nice things that they will use and need.  A few years ago I found this slogan and it is something I usually go by.

Something to wear
Something to read
Something you want
Something you need

     This makes it very easy.  I always ask them what they want, and what they need, I can surprise them with the other things.  When we travel I look for books. I pick them up with vacation money. Now that the older two have had babies, they really understand that Christmas is about family, the spirit, the children.  Many useless gifts are not what makes a happy Christmas.

     I must truly say that other than son-in-laws and Hubs I am done with shopping.  I know what the son-in-laws want so it is a matter of getting those things.  I will get Hub's to order on line for them.

     We are really into stockings at our house.  This started out in my family as mom had many children and we needed things so Christmas was the one toy we really wanted from Santa.  We all received a new set of Pjs. We opened the pajamas Christmas eve.  In our stockings, we always had a hair brush.  We had a tooth brush, we had new socks, we had hair ties and bands, some small candy.  We always received new mittens, hat and scarf.   Christmas was really things that we used through out the year.

    In our house, we have tried to make stockings important.  Again the girls receive a nice gift and then stocking stuffers.  These are mostly silly things I have picked up for peanuts through out the year.  You would be surprised what you can accumulate when you pick up a few trinkets here and there.

     For Hub's folks who will be 90 this year, we just do stockings and a basket of snacky foods which they open on News years eve.  I wrap every thing in their stockings.  So they can open things.  They love it.  I purchased two very nice large stockings for them last year at Good Will. I will restuff these when we drive through.  Usually I just put a small pile of wrapped stocking gifts in a container, but when I saw those socks they said Mom and Dad and were a dollar a piece.  What a bargain and this will continue for as long as they live.  Last year they went to my sister -in laws and they took their filled stockings.  Every one was amazed at what was put in them and how much mom and dad enjoyed this.  Again all things were purchased here and there through out the year and all items were on sale at close out prices.  The books in their stockings were the only thing not on sale.  Now I just hope no one steals my idea.

     I am going to start trying to do a more homemade Christmas.  I can make many beautiful things.  Things my girls will appreciate and need.
What do you plan to do for Christmas?  Do you make any gifts?

By the way I am in my Christmas jammies from about 4 years ago.  They are faded and old, but I am so sick with this cold that I am staying in bed mode most of the day.  Bed-mode means I get up periodically to mess around in various rooms.  Put away a little laundry, or start a load.  Make a bed. rest.  Fold some socks,rest.  Put a few things away in the kitchen, rest. I will putz all day, and rest.

Have a great and productive say staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. Growing up stockings held candy and socks, always candy and socks. I have continued the sock idea with my family though I do tuck in money and/or gift card too.
    I wish I could make presents but I have no one who would appreciate that sort of thing.....2 sons and a daughter who isn't "girly". sigh.

    I have been sneezing and my nose has been a bear too. Feel better soon!

  2. I wish I could ake things, but not blessed with those gifts. We didn't do stockings and I always felt it was missing, so I started with child nuber one. These are little, practical-socls, combs, etc. but always candy and an orange-like in one of my son's storybooks. I pick up presents all year-ones the girls in particualr wil like, but also things like graphic tee's and basketball style shorts my son likes, even as he is now a full fledge adult. As pricey things the older kids might need woudl be beyodn my knwledge, I give a bit of cash th tthey can apply to whatever they need-new lap top, an appliance of some sort, or to use towards a vacation or something else of importance. Still, the stckings are appreciated. I love what youa re doing for the parents-special memories as they get older.

    1. Thank you it is hard to buy for people who need nothing and want less.

  3. One year, I made my two sisters crocheted purses, another I did a needlepoint picture with their first initial and had it framed. Neither was married, so there was not married last name. I did my married last name and gave that to my son forty years later, framed for his new home and family. My sister remarked that you could always tell what I was into by the Christmas presents. One year my sister and I made Holly Hobby things for our other sister's child and my child who were the same age. I made two dresses and my sister made two dolls. I have made many gifts each Christmas through the years.

    When I am sick, I do like you do--one thing and rest. Sometimes I spend three minutes on a chore or ten and rest for an hour. It's got to be that way.

    1. I so remember Holley Hobby. I wonder if any of your gifts are still around?

  4. I usually make at least one person something, but not this year. I have made quilts (no surprise), embroidered on lots of things, wooden blocks painted and made into a candle holder, crocheted hats, stationery I designed and printed, crocheted rags, and cross stitched bows and stockings (but people do not like those). I think someone else commented they give cash to older children. We get cash from one of our parents and it is the most helpful - something we get something we want, but mostly it goes to a need. I give my grown children who have lots of needs gift cards. I don't receive hand made things though - wish I did!

    1. I can understand you not making anything this year. I just think sometimes Christmas is to commercial. But I love homemade gifts.

  5. Damn it mother! That was the first Christmas I thought that maybe my family wasn't pits of poverty poor anymore. Oh well, just one more young adulthood dream down the proverbial toilet.

    1. You had one really bad Christmas and the rest were great because I used charge cards, so I don't want any of your lip.

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