Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Tuesday, I think they are on to us...

     I think the grocery stores are on to us bargain shoppers.  I have been somewhat frustrated by the Thanksgiving adds this year.  Usually you get get a Turkey for a decent price by buying $25.00 worth of groceries at a store. Since I stock up constantly I have everything I could possible need for a Turkey dinner except the guest of honor. 

     The cheapest I have found a decent turkey price is if you buy $100.00 worth of groceries.  Or a so so price if you buy $50.00.  Well I don't need $50. or $100 dollars worth of groceries.  I will need to buy milk, bread, carrots, celery, some fresh fruit once every two weeks.  I will probably be able to get away with only buying $25-30 worth of groceries every two weeks for quite awhile.

     Also I know that many of us are still waiting for a good butter sale.  We finally had one for 1.99 a lb but it was limit one per person.  So you are buying one and running back in to buy another.  Now I checked with the management on this and it is okay it just must be a separate transaction.  What a pain.  So Sunday starts the three day (limit one) butter sale.  I don't shop on the Sabbath.  I go yesterday with mom.  They are already out of butter but the clerk runs to the back and get us two packages.  Then hubs goes in and they are out.  I notice so many people just in the store buying one lb of butter.  It isn't just me?  Why did I think it was just me?  I'm dumb like that.  Anyway hubs and I went out last night and neither Albertsons had any butter.

     I am hoping this week on Wednesday or next week they or someone will have an unlimited butter sale but who knows?  I can always wait until after Thanksgiving to buy a turkey.  I know they will get marked down after the holiday.  But .but. but. butter?  No guarantees... they are on to us I tell you.  We bargain shoppers and thrifters are doing way to good a job and they are going to try and squeeze and extra .50 a lb out of us for butter.

     Yesterday I pulled two small packages of chicken breasts out of the freezer.  Each package contained one set of breasts.  I had purchased these with a 50% off sticker making the meat .99 a lb.  I took one set and sliced it in about 1/2 in slices and then pounded them flat.  Dredge in milk and bread crumbs, fry on both sides and it does not take long.  With one set of breasts I had enough for two good meals for the three of us.  The other package of breasts I baked for a large pan of chicken enchiladas.  Which will also feed us for two meals.

    If you pound out chicken this way you can feed more people and then just add mashed potatoes, and a couple kinds of vegetables.  Left over fried chicken can be used in sandwiches or reheated the next day it is so good.  You can also shred chicken breasts and make a gravy and then cover mashed potatoes.  One set of breasts can feed quite a few that way.  My family never complained and they filled up on veggies, potatoes and make pop overs, or muffins. Quick breads always make a sparse meal a treat.  Add a jar of jam at the end and a warm biscuit or popover can become a dessert.

     As meat is the most expensive part of most venues learn how to stretch it and add other nummy things to make the meal special.  It takes a very short time to put together the above meal.  I came home from a long rehearsal at the studio and we were eating in a half an hour.  Actually the potatoes took the longest to make.

Cost break down:

Mrs. No time to shop/cook
1 package chicken nuggets  4.99
1 box instant mashed potatoes .99
1 can of vegetables .99
1 loaf of french bread 1.99
gravy mix .99
This will be enough for one meal and not enough potatoes for her family.  They probably won't finish the french bread which will be hard the next day and it will get thrown out. Cost $8.95 plus tax

Mrs. Shops for a bargain/cooks

pulls out one package of frozen chicken breast purchased on sale 1.99 for 2 lbs
1/4 cup milk  .10
1 cup bread crumbs .33
potatoes 8  so .15 cents at .99 a lb.
can of veggies .33 she makes two kinds
can of veggies  .33
gravy from bullion  .15
homemade quick bread .35
She has enough potatoes and few vegetables left for someones lunch the next day.  She has enough chicken for another meal or sandwiches. Her left over quick bread can be heated for breakfast the next morning.  My kids have been known to hide popovers for the next morning. Cost 3.73 plus tax

Also left over French bread makes the best french toast.  It is denser and soaks up the egg mixture differently.  Never buy or make french bread with out planning on cooking the leftovers up.

There was more prep time for the the home cooked meal as you had to peel the potatoes and cut them up.  You also had to slice the chicken breast and dredge it.  You had to mix up your quick bread.
It is all in the timing,  I would always start the potatoes first. Then get the chicken on and while the first is frying make up your biscuits. make sure to set your oven as soon as you can to preheat. When the quick bread is in make up the gravy, let it cook while you mash the potatoes.  Honestly frozen chicken nuggets do take some time thaw while they are cooking. There are more dished to wash.  But let's be honest isn't it worth a little bit of sacrifice?

     Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.




  1. Yes, I told them about you and if you see a black car following you to the grocery store, it's "them". ;-)
    Maybe we should go halfsies on a cow??

  2. Yes, I have been complaining about the lack of bargains. Of course, I don't need sugar of any kind. What brand of butter is so cheap up there? I am wondering if it is sold down here. The cheapest I find butter is $3.98. I cooked the last cheap onion and free potatoes in the crockpot yesterday. And, I baked a 14x16 inch baking pan full of sweet potatoes. About 90% of it all went home with exbf. I am still holding out for a cheap turkey breast or hen. I could settle for chicken breasts if I have to.

  3. The turkey deal here is buy $40 worth of groceries and get it for 39 cents a pound. Turkey breasts are outrageous and that's what I would rather buy. No deals on butter, and I could really use some. I don't like this turn of events ...

    1. I know I am so glad I have stocked up on most of my food storage.

  4. As it turns out, I can no longer lift the turkey and bend to put it in the oven or take it out. Turkey breast is my choice, too. But, I can eat chicken!

    1. If I get a 20 lb bird and put it in my huskavarna roaster it weighs 45 lbs. Hubs has to lift it.

  5. I haven't checked our local sales this morning, but this is the final week before Thanksgiving and I keep hoping for the good deals! I haven't seen anything too great, so far, either!

  6. Hi Kim, if you are still looking for a deal on a turkey, Winco had them for .69 a pound a few days ago...don't know if they are still that price today but it is worth checking out if you still need one. :) That is the cheapest price I have found. I just pulled some turkey meat out of the freezer from the last time I cooked one up several months ago. We are not doing the traditional turkey dinner for Thanksgiving this year with family, so I am doing a traditional dinner this week for hubby and me.

    1. Thank you. I actually can wait until after the Holiday as I am not doing the dinner any way. I just wanted to get one for the freezer.

  7. Turkey is on sale here (So. California) for $.47/lb. with $20 minimum purchase (not including the price of the turkey). The sales ad didn't specify if the minimum purchase had to be groceries (which means people food, to me) or could be pet food and household supplies (such as toilet paper, laundry detergent, etc.)

    Butter, however, is a different matter. I haven't seen it on sale for $1.99 for years. My new stock up price is $2.50. Store brand is regularly priced at $3.99. It is being advertised for $3.50 this week. Not such a bargain, in my opinion. I still have 2 lbs. in the freezer, so I am OK for another month or two. Bless

    1. I am still looking for butter and it doesn't look good!

  8. The best and only Deal on Butter here is Target at 2 1lb. blocks for $5. Ugh.
    I may just have to go to Target before the sale ends on Sat. and buy butter....if I do, it will be free with one of my free Target gift cards but I just don't want to go to the trouble of going there.

    1. We just use so much butter in our holiday baking and mom's open house is huge and getting larger. I might have to resort to getting another job, or making mom pay for something.

  9. I noticed Safeway has a day toward the end of the week where butter is $1.99, limit 2. That's the first time I've seen it that low for months and months. So, I'm going to look it up again, and hopefully stop by on the proper day. Turkeys are 39c/lb with $50 purchase. That's the lowest I've seen. I still have turkey in the chest freezer--just not sure how many. 2, I hope, but I only saw 1 with the cursory search I made. I've got to go out there and count!!! I'd love to replace it, though, with a fresh one. We cooked one in the summer, and I'd do that again if I get one.

    1. Our Safeway here had a limit of one butter. Prices are just not going down this year. Ugh!