Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Wednesday, things are wild here

     I had two cortisone shots yesterday so I am a little achy and so very hot.  As I always run hot flashes for about 2 days after cortisone.  But I slept with much less pain last night.

     Today is extremely busy with Hub's needing to take B's car down to switch to snow tires,  There is no charge but I have to take him and then my car is finally done so we need to go to the bank get cash and pick that up. $950.00 *sniff*.  I ran to pick up my prescriptions and they had not been called in and mom needs to pick her prescriptions up.  Now I have to call the doctor and get that resolved. then go back and get said prescriptions, because I love to waste my time.

     I have sewing to do and I have to meet new studio director at High School at 2:00 to pull costumes and select furniture for upcoming ballet of Scrooge. Then there is a Act II rehearsal at 4-7 which I need to be at.  Luckily I have enough dinner from last night to just reheat for tonight.  The last two nights I have raced home late to make dinner.

     Tomorrow is mom's (my) presentation at her church for the women's club.  I have so many loose ends to tie up on that before tomorrow morning.  I will have to get up early to make Katze rolls and I just looked at her pepperkakor and as her eyesight is so bad it just doesn't look good.  I might just stay up late and make more and switch that out.  I will see.  She really cannot do anything by herself anymore.  This whole thing has been an expensive pain in the butt. Of course it has to happen on top of early rehearsals.  Whine, whine, complain.

     I was anxious for the grocery adds to come out this week and still no butter on sale.  Dang!  Also no real Turkey bargains so I will be waiting to buy after Thanksgiving.

Here is my chicken enchilada recipe it is not low calorie nor is it really cheap.

10 flour tortillas   1.00 unless you make your own
1 small onion chopped fine .15
1 can cream soup .50
1 can milk .20 for soup
1 small can chopped chilies .39
1 full chicken breast cooked and shredded (bought on sale ) 1.99
1 package queso cheese 2.19
2 cups shredded chedder or what ever cheese you like  (block cheese 4.99 2lbs) 2.00

$8.42 plus tax.  These are my stock up prices.  You can buy a small pan of these already made for $10.00 or so but it is much smaller.  You can actually do this cheaper if you make 4 pans at a time as you can buy larger package of tortillas, and chilies cheaper.  I did not have the freezer space.
fry your onion until translucent, add your chilies, add your shredded chicken mix and cool to touch unless you want to use tongs.

Mix you soup and milk

take a tortilla lay a strip of chicken chili mixture on tortilla, sprinkle with shredded cheese roll up and place seam down in a sprayed 9/12 pan.  Keep this up until all 10 are forced into pan.  If there is any chicken mixture left over add to soup mixture.  Pour soup over all tortillas covering all well then top with shredded cheese.  Bake at 3.50 for 1 hour.  This will make enough for us for two dinners and a lunch.  Serve with chips, refried beans or salad.  Yum!

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. I hate it when I go straight to the pharmacy or even wait a bit and the doctor has not called in my prescription or left one off. What is worse is if I have a late appointment and the doctor's offices have closed. I have been known to go back and bang on the door to get attention and have them call in what they said they would...grrr. Multiple trips to the pharmacy is not my idea of fun. Oh, sometimes the wrong med is called in...something they know I am allergic.

    1. Luckily it is nothing I am out of but it is aggravating.

  2. When I went to fill a new prescription earlier this week, they filled it with a generic, despite my doctor wanting me back on the name brand. Fortunately it was only a 15 minute or so wait, but enough time for me to find two deck rail pots on clearance. Had I not had to wait, I might not have wandered back to the clearance section! On the bright side, they were marked down by 75% and my deck has been begging for flower pots.

  3. You are so busy, but thank you for taking on the school theater work. Also, great recipe for me to try with leftover chicken.

    1. I did theater with them for years now I just go in to help a little.

  4. The quest for butter....Ahhhh. I've been on it for months:) What every will I do with my time if I actually fill the freezer with inexpensive butter? I'm not sure, but I'm willing to find out:)

  5. I have heard that freezing butter destroys some of the nutrients I still freeze butter. Anyone heard of this?

  6. That recipe sounds delicious! I also hate when people waste my time. There is nothing more frustrating than having to do things twice.

    1. Oh you should live with my mother , you would learn patience and to swear under your breath and....

  7. Ok, next trip out I need to show you how to make real chicken enchiladas....lololz