Monday, November 27, 2017

Monday, Life goes on in spite.... Money saving madness

     Cold or no cold, life goes on in spite of my need to stay in bed.  In two weeks we have the Ballet Scrooge and mom's open house the same weekend.  I have so much to do and I really don't want to do any of it.  I am going to have to be stern with myself to get things accomplished.

  Yesterday afternoon mom and I knocked out a couple of cookies for her open house.

If you like spritz cookies, I have an old recipe that makes a very light cookie.  I find spritz are usually dense and no flavor.
Oven 350

Whisk together 3-1/2 cups flour and 1 tsp baking powder set aside

In a large bowl beat:
1-1/2  cups butter softened
1 cup sugar   beat these two together until light and fluffy  (Important)
add 1 egg   beat  together
add next three ingredients and beat
2 tbls milk

1 tsp pure vanilla
1 tsp almond extract

Now combine flour mixture and wet mixture to make a soft dough.  Divide into three batches and color as desired .  Bake about 10-12 minutes

These are very light and delicious.

 These really spread so make small balls
Citron Sockakakors.  Lemon sugar cookies  An all time favorite
 bake 350
cup softened butter
1 cup sugar
1 cup veg. oil                                                                                

1 cup powder sugar
 Beat above with electric mixer until fluffy

Add 2 eggs
add 1 tsp vanilla
1tsp lemon extract
1 pkg instant lemon pudding
beat all together

in a separate bowl whisk together
4 cups flour
1tsp baking soda
1 tsp cream of tartar

 Now mix dry and wet together into soft dough roll small balls into colored sugar and flatten with a press or a fork.
cookie stamps

Bake 12-15 minutes   
drop food color into sugar and mix with finger tips
                         colored sugar
So we have the fudge and the lefsa, the meat balls, and two kinds of cookies done.  We have a ton  of other items left and I plan on doing at least one a day.  In addition to the shop work, I also have a large rehearsal every night for the next three nights. I just tell myself to breath and this will soon be over.

Money saving Madness:

1. flipped the collar on one of hub's expensive outdoor shirts that was worn. looks brand new
2. Stayed out of the stores as much as possible over the crazy weekend.
3. made all pies and Thanksgiving goodies from scratch with pantry items bought on sale.
4.  Ate left overs for three days.
5. froze 3 bags of pumpkin I had cooked and pureed for pies later.
6. made a large batch of pie crusts and froze 4 for later. Used crisco sticks I bought last year and froze
7. saved dripping off of Swedish meatballs and froze for good gravy.
8.Purchased three table runners for $2.00 a piece that can be made into 12 really nice dish towels. I will embroider over the ugly.  That means I will have 12 embroiders towels for gifts that cost .50 a piece.
9. Used Joanns coupons to get 1/2 off a sets of flour sack towels to make a set of 7 days of the week embroidered towels for niece.  This is what I did to keep busy when I was down sick.
10.  Bought 4 pillow slips for under 10.00 I will embroider. Christmas gifts.
11. Still working on Art pillows for Christmas gifts.  All made from scraps
12. hemmed a pair of pants for myself I bought for 4.00 at a close out sale.
13.  pulled out all my Swedish sweaters for the cold season.  Some of these are 40 years old.  I will mend where needed.

What have you done to save money and get ready for Christmas?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. First of all mom, you can't embroider. I look forward to the phone call from grandma telling me she had to cut those tea towels off your jeans.
    Secondly,this is why when I come home your freezer is full, but there is nothing to eat. And no, I will not make myself a pureed pumpkin and Swedish meatball dripping souffle.

    1. Actually smarty pants I embroider very well, I just could not get that *&^%$ blue bird off my skirt to save my soul. Your husband loves my pumpkin pie.You will eat what I put on your plate and like IT! I can't wait to see you at Christmas.

    2. I like your daughter's sense of humor.

  2. Hope you get everything done (knowing in advance you will) without too much angst. Thanks for the spritz recipe. The Granddaughter and I are making them when she comes for Christmas.

    1. Have fun with that I love baking with my oldest grandson.

    2. Yes angst. See mom angst. Your middle name.

  3. The cookie look delicious!
    Thank you for the recipe. : )
    Hope you are feeling better soon!

    1. Thanks, note snarky response from oldest daughter. See they grow up become attorneys and get smart mouths.

  4. You need to keep your mother There is a picture of something chocolate. What is it and where is the recipe? I don't embroider. I can and I have, but it is not going to be something I do willingly. I just don't!

    I appears I am not saving anything since I need a tv. I was saving for a water heater, but that will go for a TV and I still have to borrow money.

    I get so frustrated hearing about your sewing since I cannot and want to so badly.

    1. I am so sorry you cannot sew. I know that day is coming for me also. I have only done fudge.

    2. I can sew. I just don't have machines uncovered and in place. I just cannot sew now.

  5. Now I want cookies. I'm saving your recipes, so keep them coming.

    My mom used to do the same thing with my dad's shirts. I sure wish I had inherited some sewing skills.

    Focus for the remainder of the year is to stay afloat. Murphy needs to leave me alone. Sigh.

    1. I know Murphy is lurking here also. It is hard to focus this time of year. But it is almost over and we have a whole new year ahead of us to make progress!

  6. What were those cookies you sent last Xmas w/the white icing? Were they the pepparkakor?
    I thought your middle name was sweet buns?

    1. They are peppakakor, I will put the recipe in tomorrow and I will send you some! My middle name is Kathleen but sweet buns is a good substitute.

    2. Well every time I turned around this Summer you were eating sweet buns. lolz
      I wanted to cut & paste photos of Snicker bars with funny nicknames on them but I am an old fuddy duddy who can't figure out how to do that in comments....but you love me anyway, right? 8-P