Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Tuesday, Monday saving madness a day late and several dollars short!

moved planters and a clean floor
     Well, I will tell you, I ran like a demon yesterday afternoon after my post.  Mom was with Lil sis and I wanted so badly to just go crawl into a nice soft place and nap.  But Linda (practical Parsimony) suggested I do the stinky dishes first as the smell would only get worse. However she did not know that in doing so the mouse would find a cookie, "sigh."

     It started out so innocently. I was just going to do the dishes.  I was emptying the dishwasher and when I went to put the dishes away, I looked in the corner cupboard and, ! I PULLED EVERYTHING OUT!  It needed love, which led to pulling out all three kitchen ware drawers and silverware drawer.  So even thought the dishes were done there was stuff every where.!!!! Then I pulled everything out of the plastics cupboard and culled containers with no lids.  I scrubbed the large trash can inside and out.  I cleaned out the fridge and took out a couple of shelves to wipe down.  I cleaned the inside of the oven.   Then I surveyed the damage and left the room as is. Then I went downstairs and sent Linda a stern note.

     See life is so easy when you have some else to blame  your bad habits on.  It is easy to justify your behavior when you have friends like (you guys.) Thank you, thank you all very much.

See the sparkling trash can?

 See the clean drawers?
     Linda did not write back to accept the blame until this morning. So this gave me time, to unload the car, do two loads of laundry and put away all the crap, (suitcase, Swedish cookie gear, fold and put away laundry). I also cleaned up the mess in the master bed and bath, changed the linens and cleaned the spare room and bath, took out the dead flowers from the living room and washed the vases, took all the large flowers pots out of the kitchen and took them downstairs, dead headed a large flowering plant, cleaned up the dogs pine cones and finally I faced the                                                    kitchen.

 Organized cupboards and cleaned up flowers.
silver ware drawer

 I pulled out all the sparkling utensil holders out of the dish washer, after I had wiped out all the drawers and replaced the rubber liners.  I culled extras and things we did not use this last year and put them in a box for D#3. Then I put everything back, emptied the trash (again) and I scrubbed the floor. And I paid all of November's bills except the house payment which will be paid today.
It was 10:30 so I took a bath and washed my hair.  Whew!

 I cleaned off the bed
     I am still in trouble as my sister saw the pictures ( you know my twin, miss organized).  She said the pictures made her crazy.  Crazy?  We are both half crazy if our zygote had not split after conception we would be full on crazy.  So I have to get the rest of my chores done hopefully today.  If you look at the blog from yesterday you will see what is left.  Heavy "sigh".

Now I only have to clean up the rest of the messes.  ( See previous post) Heavy, heavy "sigh".

On to Money saving madness!

1. I saved two more plastic containers for leftovers and for meals taken out.
2. I cooked at home simple meals for mom and I.
3. Did not go to Jo anns at all!
4. Went to Walmart and did not buy any marked down candy or crap
5. Perused the Holiday baking sales for a major stock up
  a. case of chicken noodle soup 2/1  This is for mom
  b. case of cream of mushroom .79 a can Campbells
  c. case of tomato soup 3/1
  d. case of tomato paste .36
  e. case of diced tomatoes 2/1
  f. case of corn and green beans 2/1
  g. cases of garbanzos, red beans, chili beans, navy beans 2/1
  h.  case of brown sugar 12/2 lb bags .99
  i. case of powder sugar 16/2 lb bags .99
  j. flour 5lb, sugar 4 lb  10 if each 2/3.00  I usually buy bigger but this was a good deal
  k. 10 cake mixes .69
  l. case of canned milk .79
  m. case of cherry pie filling .99
  n. pasta all kinds 20 boxes .69
6.  I also picked up a few lbs of butter 2.49 but need to watch for a better deal.
7. pulled out three large bags of potpourri I purchased last year after Holidays for .50 apiece gave one to daughter and will give one to sis and refilled my jars.  It was regularly 6.00 a bag SCORE!
8. Picked up several stocking stuffers for 1-2 dollars an item. 

     It was an expensive week, but this was planned for.  I spent a little over $300.00, but will buy no baking things for the rest of the year.  We did run out of powder sugar this fall and I had to buy 2 bags.  I will have to buy more flour and sugar but again will wait for a bargain.  Remember the 20lb bags of flour I scored for 2.00?  I will keep my eyes open.

   We cook and bake from scratch almost all of the time. Now I need to clean out the pantry and reorganize it both in the garage and the house. I must clean out the two small freezers attached to the fridges and take stock of meats and I also want to make room for a couple of turkeys and maybe a ham.  I know of several things that will come out of the freezers this week. This will be an all day project. I also have to get out on the back deck, yikes!

     Mom has a doctor appointment this afternoon and I have to go to the bank, the post office and the grocery store. Don't think I will sew at all today.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. Obviously, I could not have won this one if it were a competition. Some people let every shiny object distract them and are off reading a magazine they found, watching tv or just escaping the house to do anything but what they started. One find an unorganized space and go nuts, moving from one space to another. whew I meant to clean one space pictured and move to another space...lol...not get so involved and distracted.

    When I cleaned furiously, I set aside a day to tear things apart and started with an empty sink and clean counters. By the time I finished, the sink was full of dishes and the counters were dirty. The garbage had to be emptied again. and again.

    Did I read the price of sugar correctly? 3 lb. of sugar 2/$3? That is $1.50 for 4lbs of sugar? I will rush right down to my Walmart.

    If the pictures upset your sister, did she recover when she saw the clean spaces?

    1. It was two 4 lb bags for 3.00 so if I bought a 25 lb bag it would have to be just over 9.00 I haven't seen sugar that low in a long time. My sister called me today and chewed on me awful for posting those pictures, she is furious that I let my house look like that and then left town.

    2. I went to WM. No luck on getting a good price. I bet she will get over the messes in your house. Did she congratulate you when she saw the cleaned up pictures?

    3. Yes she did but also complained about my pantry which she cleans every time she comes. God love her.

  2. That should be, "You find and unorganized space..."

  3. My goodness, but you accomplished a lot! I, too, tend to get pulled into cleaning more than what needs to be done just that moment, but I no longer have the energy to do all that. So I have to be very stern with myself and tell myself, "Stay on task! Just put away the dishes - don't go to organize the cupboard!" But good of you to get some of the deep cleaning and decluttering done! I hope you rewarded yourself with something nice after all that cleaning? Bless (who is at lunch, and thus, "anonymous")

    1. I did, I had some Halloween candy and a diet coke. Like a debit and a credit you know.

  4. I so understand where you are coming from. Yesterday I was moving my Christmas present that are wrapped form the counter in the laundry room to the seat of a built in bench in the back hall. I noticed the bench seat was dusty of of course wiped it off, but then noticed some dirt between the hinges on the seat. So I opened the seat and crap was everywhere. Ugh it meant taking everything out, sorting things for goodwill,, vacuuming the interior of the bench, putting everything back, washing the pillows that sit on the bench, waxing the wood, noticing a couple of cobwebs near the ceiling so getting them down, vacuuming the rug, polishing the doorknob, walking outside and noticing the side patio needed sweeping, dusting cobwebs from around the door light fixture, stopping to clean the bath in the back hall, washing the mirror in the bathroom, tossing the hand towels into the wash with the pillows, rearranging the beach towel shelf, and mopping the hallway all to put about 20 blooming presents on the bench.

    1. I just love you we are way too much alike. Scary?

  5. I tend to do laps around the house...a little here, a little there but I figure as long as everything gets done by the end of the day, I am good.

    1. My super, uber, extra organized Sister calls that spraying. Like a male cat sprays all over the house. I call it getting something done, it also allows me to make giant messes in every room....

  6. Wow, you worked up a storm. Hope you get caught up on some sleep soon too.

    1. Well my husband comes home on Saturday and I have a lot to do before he gets home and finds my disasters.

  7. Dang, I needed to sit back in my recliner and rest after just reading all you accomplished! It wore me out! Want to hear what I accomplished today...well I opened up a container of cottage cheese and a can of pineapple and had some of that for dinner. Oh, my hubby just reminded me, I did get one load of laundry going too. It was a Fibro Flare day...just walking was a major accomplishment for me. ;)

    1. I am so sorry. That is just crap. I hate it when my arthritis flares, it is so painful. Right now my left shoulder is messing with me which means the right one will rear its ugly head soon. Cottage cheese and pineapple is just fine. Take care of yourself.

  8. Wow! You def hit the floor running! I'll bet you slept well last night!!! We had carpet installed in our bedroom yesterday and I have vowed not to put any clutter on the furniture. I want to be able to dust without moving a thing!!! We'll see how long that lasts! LOL

    1. Good luck with that, and when you master that skill write a book so I can be the first to buy a signed copy.

  9. Ok, I'll post garage photos AFTER we get the dining buffet put together and all the china/dishes tubs from the garage into that piece of furniture in the dining room/ebay wrapping/giveaway box packing area.

    Now go take a nap before the Chili Champ comes home!

    1. Chili Champ my A&&. I want to see those pictures and the new buffet.

  10. Looks fantastic..
    I usually have the
    "domino effect" cleaning too.. start one chore and it leads to more.lol
    Have a great day.

    1. So I am not the only one that suffers from this? I think it is the creative mind:)

  11. Mom, I'm so glad I wasn't there. If I had been helping clean the house and caught you cleaning out a cupboard I'd be prosecuting myself for strangulation. She creates work people! It's an illness.

  12. Everything looks amazing. You go lady!!! Wowza!! I am stocking baking supplies this month.