Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving

     Well I got my list done yesterday and mom and I cooked from noon until about 5:00 I could not believe she held up that long.  She was not very nice during the process, but I was proud of her stamina.  Lil sis came and got her about 7:00, she was downstairs napping.  Now she is at Lil sis's house and she was sick this morning and she is lying in bed up stairs waiting to hold court.

     Mom and I made 4 pies yesterday, 2 pumpkin( hubs and I had cleaned a large pumpkin the day before and I cooked it up, then we sieved it), one apple, one banana cream. We also peeled sweet potatoes and cooked them and got those ready. I got the stuffed squash ready.  Then we made two batches of Swedish meatballs. (24 doz).  Mom also helped me make her cranberry salad. So good. Then I sent her to bed.

     My shop was so busy yesterday with people picking up and dropping off. I did no sewing just cleaned up the shop.  We have a big gala here this weekend so many formal dresses and suit pants.  It was crazy running up and down the stairs all day.  Then you have the out of town people who are coming in to shop and they drop off.  I always ask when they will be in town next and try to have their things done.

     After Lil sis picked mom up Hub's and I had an early piece of pie and leftovers. I embroidered two dish towels. It was a peaceful relaxing evening.  Well if you consider coughing your brains out peaceful.

     I slept late today and Lil sis called to have me bring a few things over.  I went in my pj's.  My niece was there as Lil sis had just picked her up from a nearby airport.  She is a cutie. I went upstairs and talked to mom for a few minutes, I also brought her up an icy cold soda hoping it would pep her up.

     Today I have to cook the squash, reheat the sweet potatoes, make a relish tray and make all the rolls.  I wil1 probably do a triple batch so we have plenty of leftovers.

Here is Mom's cranberry jello salad recipe.  I remember my grandmother making this:

2 cans of whole berry cranberry sauce.
2  small or 1 lg pkg raspberry or red jello  (I use sugar free as this is very calorie heavy)
2 cups celery chopped fine
1 cup of walnuts chopped

Mix jello with 2 cups of boiling water and mix until it dissolves  DO NOT ADD COLD WATER
Puree cranberries in a blender or food processor
add chopped celery
add chopped nuts
Now add jello and mix together
pour into mold. Chill several hours or over night.

This is very yummy

I have also added chopped apples to this and it is good.

     Well I am going to take some more cough suppressant because I really need to be in bed.

Have a Wonderful Turkey Day with your friends, and family.  May God bless all of us with to much food and too many friends.



  1. You can never have enough pie or friends. Happy Thanksgiving my friend!

  2. I am so glad you got things done in spite of feeling crappy! Happy Pie and other stuff day!

    1. I feel like crap but I managed to eat 5 pieces of pie yesterday. They were small.

  3. Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving.

    1. It was lovely other than my pounding head. How was yours?

  4. I guess your mother was happy and having fun to hold out that long. Are you putting Vicks on your soles and wearing socks? That always stops a cough.

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