Monday, November 13, 2017

Monday, Money saving madness

     It was a whirl wind weekend.  Mom's friends came in about 1 p.m. and I had a two layer carrot cake ready with tea.  I remember my mom and her friend always eating carrot cake with tea.  I think they all liked it as
this is all that is left.  They took mom out to diner Saturday evening and  I took the opportunity to go and get my nails done.  They were so bad.  With all the cleaning and canning I had ripped every cuticle and had torn hangnails on every finger.  The nail tech was appalled.  But this is what happens when I don't keep the nails up.  My skin is so thin from the medication I take it just rips and bleeds and then I pick and pull at them.  What a mess.  When I arrived home Hub's was hungry and was hinting to go out.  I was just to tired so I made him a sandwich.  Yeah I am that kind of wife.

    I rushed home from church today to make a large breakfast for mom's company.  I made raised Belgian waffles, eggs, sausage and bacon. Hub's had to take care of a band concert so I grabbed two small muffins out of the freezer and nuked them along with 4 sausages and threw him out the door.   
We all enjoyed a huge breakfast and then visited for a few more hours.  I knew as soon as they left mom would go into a funk and become a brat and she did.  I was booking on about 6 hours of sleep the last two days, as I was up so much with my wrist Friday night and then mom had a bad night Saturday and had me up twice.  I needed a nap so I got mom downstairs to rest and she cried and fussed like a two year old for about 3 hours, I finally gave up and went into the shop and pulled out white fabric to make her a Santa Lucia costume for her upcoming Swedish demonstration at her women's club.  It only took me about 1/2 hour but it distracted her enough that I was able to get her out of her funk.

I also made some adjustments on the Lucia crown that is lit with 5 candles.  Then I took her upstairs to watch me clean the messed up kitchen from breakfast.( We have a young friend's daughter playing Lucia.)

While I was cleaning I had her mix up some cinnamon and applesauce  and knead it into a good pliable constancy.  Then I rolled out enough Dahla horses and ornaments to make treat bags for the woman's club.  These smell so good and will be attached to a bag of Swedish cookies.  A Dahla horse is a traditional carved horse you see all over Sweden.  Thank you Cheryl at Cheryl's frugal corner for this recipe and idea. Mom was tired enough after this that I could put her to bed.  Thank goodness.

Monday Money saving madness

1. purchased two more bottles of oil for storage on a stock up deal.
2. made all meals from scratch, we ate potato soup for three days.
3.Made up jam with fruit taken out of freezer.
4. purchased a ham for freezer stock  at .89 a lb.
5.rewashed plastic bags and plastic containers to reuse.
6. started a second set of art pillow covers with scraps from shop
7. took stock of all stocking stuffers and gifts I have purchased so far for Christmas, just have candy left to buy for stockings.
8. Took a couple of bags of  clutter to St Vinnies.  Too much stuff wastes time and money.
9.  Did not fall for Hub's attempt to go out to eat:)
10. used coupons at Jo Anns for purchases
11. made mom put back two packages of frozen roll dough and told her I would make fresh for her woman's club.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. You are amazing... you just keep on going! I can't believe you whipped up that costume in 30 minutes. You are good!!! That carrot cake looks so good.... I hope you got a taste!

  2. It seems that it would take too much cinnamon for the applesauce to become stiff enough for those horse cookies. What, exactly, is the recipe? Please. I hope you get enough sleep. A person warned me that a lack of sleep could bring on heart trouble and all sorts of medical problems. I guess I am in trouble. But, I understand how it is.

    1. it takes 2 cups of cinnamon. I bought it in a large container at an out let store.

    2. How much applesauce for the two cups of cinnamon. I hope she did not wear the crown with candles.

    3. 1.5 cups, but i wet my hands with applesauce when the mixture was too crumbly. Also roll out thick or the ornaments curl when drying.

    4. At what temp did you bake these and for how long?

    5. 175 for 2 hours. or let dry for about 4 days

    6. Thanks, I cannot imagine eating anything with this much cinnamon, but I will give this a try.

    7. You don't eat them they are decorations and smelly good things.