Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday, to save you, must not spend!

     My goal of not spending any money this last weekend was a bust.  Took the dog in for a bath and a new collar.  Yes both desperately needed and long over due.  $53.00.  Groceries were $73.00, also had to put gas in Hubbies car $47.00.  Hopefully I will not have to spend any more money this week.  Just save.

     When you spend money, you do not save money.  Such a hard concept for most of us.  I don't know why this simple principle seems to elude me time after time.  I do try to stay out of stores, this seems to help.
But I can't seem to stop buying gas and groceries.  I will work on the groceries part.

     I have military uniforms to get done this morning and a big news letter for dance parents to get done and taken to the printers before I go to the studio today!

     I did do all the ironing this weekend, about 4 hours worth.  Ironing will soon be slowing down as I will go into clothes that are mostly knits and sweaters.  Even my teaching clothes become thicker and warmer.  It is really getting nippy in the mornings.

Out My Window:  Waiting for the the first hard frost to clean the garden and gather the pumpkins.  There are a lot of them that came up from seed.

     Baby Elephant was here this weekend and went back up to college and she didn't even ask for money? Must be something wrong with her!

Have a great and productive day!




  1. but did she bring you her laundry for you to do?

    Our dd always did that!!


  2. It always seems when you are trying to save money the most is when you have more temptation to spend. There is always something that comes up. I think you are doing pretty good. You spent money on items you needed and didn't waste it.

  3. Yikes, 4 hours of ironing...This can count for a few days worth of exercise!!