Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tuesday, bills paid, one debt down!

     Well I did the deed.  It was hard, but done.  I paid off the studio street assessment and summer overdraft bill.  I had saved enough to get through most of the summer and then the big fiasco downtown which we are still dealing with hit and I was in the middle of my eye surgeries and my own plumbing disasters.  Anyway I paid off a $4212.20 bill and now I have two more to go beside the plumbing loan.

     There was extra money this month because we charge a registration fee and I also had no payroll.  Next month things will be much tighter.  I will only have about $2000.00 to put toward these bills after I pay all other bills.  Now I could just cry because this was supposed to go toward the truck and have it paid off by Christmas, but I will be lucky to clear the other two debts and will still have the two vehicles and the sewer loan.  My goal now is to have the sewer loan paid by next June, which puts me right where I was last year in June, except I will owe less on the vehicles and the house as I have made regular payments on them all year. I guess I just have to be satisfied with that.

     This morning I am making out late note for parents and sending out reminders that many parents have not paid registration fees. I was going to skip this but I added it up and it is over $300.00.  With the debt I am in I cannot let that pass.  I need the money.  That is the same amount as one of my advertizing bills that I put on the studio CC for the fall.  I want to be nice and generous but I still have bills to pay.

     I had a lot of work come into the shop yesterday.  I really need to get busy.  Wedding dresses, military uniforms, mending, pants to hen, you name it. 

     Out My Window: They are finally prepping to finish the concrete work in the driveway, so I had to save $650.00 in the emergency fund to finish paying for this.  Then I will have to build the fund back up.  I am going to keep at least $1500.00 in it this yea r and try to work to $2000.00.

So I am going to write out a letter to parents, mail and get to the machines!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. That's one big debt that went down the drain. Good job!

  2. well done on getting the one bill paid down.

    Gill in Canada

  3. You're doing great, Kim! You can only do what you can do! ;)

  4. That's awesome, Kim! You continue to inspire me. And don't feel bad about billing parents for what they owe! They signed up for it, they can pay it! You go!