Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thursday, run, run, run

     I received a phone call last night right before I was done teaching.  I have an Aunt and Uncle passing through town tonight and they are planning on staying the night.  I am excited as these are my only living older relatives on my fathers side of the family.  My Aunt Ann and my Uncle Virgil and his wife.  Everyone else has passed on.  The last time I saw either of them was at a family funeral over 4 years ago.  Since they are both in their late 70's who knows when I would see them again.  But I am so behind in the shop. I have to teach for 4.5 hours tonight.  The house is less than stellar, the yard is worse.  I have nothing to cook! 

       Ran and stocked up on a few staples that were on a good sale.  I have been running like a raped ape since 7 this morning.  Most of the housework is done except the vacuuming, wipe a few spots and then the kitchen.  I am going to throw together my Uncles favorite chocolate cake and make a salad.  I have chicken breasts that hubby can throw on the grill, with potatoes out of the garden and broccoli.  I will figure out breakfast later. Maybe waffles?  I have bacon and certainly eggs. Just trying not to spend a lot of extra money on groceries.
     Just need to get at least 2 hours of sewing done today, yikes!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Sounds like a simple and yummy menu to me :) Have a great evening with your family today!

  2. Too much work! Hope you enjoy their visit. Don't work too hard; visiting with exhausted people is not that much fun!

  3. Yay for seeing extended family! Enjoy your visit with them!

  4. Wow you are busy as always but visiting with the relatives should be fun. Enjoy!