Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thursday, dragging a little

     We were able to cast the Christmas show last night, so that is a relief, I have my theater dates set for the coming fiscal year also a relief.  Once this is done choreography can commence and we are off to a good start.  I still have the aggravation of parents who are not paying tuition or are paying tuition without filling out new registration and paying the $20.00 fee per student.  This pays for our liability insurance for the year and I send a copy of the registration and the check to my insurance company to insure that these are the students registered and money has changed hands.  It is such an aggravation.  But I am sure that it has to do with back to school expenses and parents just don't have the cash.  In the mean time I am chasing and hounding them so I can turn these records in by the end of the month.  By the way it is always the same parents every year.  Which means they lack planning skills, they can get away with it, or they just take advantage of everyone.

    Now my sister would tell me to be careful here and not to chase dollars.  A $20.00 one time fee is not equivalent to a $1000.00 tuition bill for the year.  What do you think? My sister is a pretty darn good business woman.

     I received the studio CC bill and it was also under what I thought is would be.    Yes, there is a huge advertizing bill that I have every year usually offset by enrollment and no payroll to speak of in Sept.  I also have our Gettysburg tickets, but I have the money to pay that back.  I think that I know I have gone deeper in debt so I just build up these huge numbers in my head and then they are not as bad.  Now they are going to take some time to clean up but again as my sissie says,  "It is all good".  You have to advertize, you have to pay the monthly expenses, you have to save more during the good times.

     I am very tired.  Dragging a little.  Sleeping later than usual.  Not getting as much done in the shop as I need.  I hope this will correct itself as time goes on.  Right now I am staying at the studio for all classes.  I will do this through September and will then only come in for mine and to check teacher.  Classes are set up so I will always open and see the Ballet Mistress coming or going.  That way parents know I am in charge and I can head off any problems.  I really love My ballet Mistress.  She is such a good teacher and so responsible.  She just makes my job easier.

     Shop was busy yesterday, which means I need to get busy.  I want to have at least $500.00 in cash before I leave for Gettysburg.  I can do it, but I have to move!

Out My window:  Cooler but no rain.  I am going to plant a lot fewer flower boxes next year.  I just don't seem to have the energy to take care of them like I used to.  One of my plans it to overhaul the sprinkler system and get them all on a drip unit.  Lugging around the hose to water is out of the question with my arthritis.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Welll I understand what you sister is saying but then if one parent doesnt pay then next year you may have parents say "well why should I worry about it if so and so didnt pay". It sucks.

    I miss you and am off to throw a chicken into my crockpot and debate a new blog.

    Luv ya

  2. Aaa...Judy!! Judy with her crockpot meals!! :) I think you still need to remind parents polite but firm that rules are rules for everyone, and that you have bills to pay too. As long as you are extremely polite about it,I don't think they will be offended.

  3. $20 can be gotten by skipping a trip to McD's for the week.... so those parents who owe for just $20, are not prioritizing! Start charging a "late fee", or tell them their child will have to sit out class till they pay!! They sound like they are dragging their feet with you...

    And JUDY!!!! {{{HUGS and SMOOCHES}}} I can smell the crockpot chicken now.... mmmmmm.... ;-D