Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thursday, no spend yesterday!

     I had my first no spend yesterday (except for Sunday) that I have had in forever.  It will get easier to have these as I only leave the house to go to the studio and then I come home.  Less is spent on gas and stuff!  But it was kind of nice to realize that I had not even planned it and it happened anyway.

     I did get a budget set up in my ledger for September, but many bills have not come in so I am not sure what I will attack first.  The smallest one? The one with the highest interest?  I know I have at least $5000.00 to put toward something and I am itching to do this, but if I jump the gun I will have forgotten something or have another crisis.  Am I getting Jaded?

      I do know when I was filling out the budget I put in a $500.00 a month savings goal for summer bills starting in September not January.  I also put in a $500.00 saving goal for me.  Now this may go to debt after it accumulates or it may go to a three month emergency fund, or I may realize I have to give it up for cash flow reasons.  But right now I know the importance of having a 3-6 months savings. Heaven forbid, our furnace could go kaput.

     New students are still trickling in I have two more days of new registrations.  So far so good. Many, many new young dancers.  My Irish company is smaller, but that is good it has been uncontrollably large for the past 3 years.  I think this group will gel and be just fine. 

     Still not done with the class A uniforms and I am behind in the shop, but boy is it nice to be able to say I am behind!  I have not said that all summer.

     Hubby and I are going to help a political candidate pass out water bottles at a local parade this weekend.  We are not stuck with a party but vote the issues and the candidate.  It will be a lot of exercise.
Then I think we will need to do yard work, as it is getting out of control.

     Out My Window:  Beautiful summer/fall day.  I have never seen so many blue bird days in a row here, amazing.  Enough pumpkins in the garden to load a truck!

     Have a great and productive day!



  1. Jealous of your pumpkins! We had a terrible growing season this year (or, maybe I just did in my garden :-))

    I got up at 5 am to run for the first time in months - so happy that I started my day on a very productive note!

  2. Ssshhhh!.....keep it down.....I think the furnace might have heard you..... ;-)

  3. Hi Kim,I always feel if you have a plan you are on the right track.

  4. I wish I was closer. I'd come join your Irish class! :)

    Don't over do yourself on the exercise.... You are already not taking your meds.

  5. No spend days?? Days when you don't....spend...anything?? I would kill for a few of those days...really! I can't remember the last one I had! I'm making that a goal for next week (starting Monday as I already know I have to buy food tomorrow for school as we're starting a breakfast program). It's good to be back in the harness again, like you I've missed my students. Alas, summer is coming to an end but it's nice to have a routine again.