Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wednesday, grateful frustration

     I am watching Claire and her little brother this morning while their mom substitutes at a local school.  I have watched Claire most Wednesdays mornings since she was born.  She is 4 now hard to believe and she has a 4 month old little brother Adam.  Too cute.  Their grandpa will pick them up at noon today.  I get my baby fix!  Actually they are so good.  Claire watches cartoons or plays in my shop(I have a drawer just for her) her little brother sits in his car seat and sleeps if he is not eating.

     I paid the house payment and a few bills yesterday, but cannot balance until Friday morning as paychecks do not come in.  I did have to go to the store yesterday and I spent $82.00.  I had to buy chicken food and cat food.  Over half of the bill was for animals.  Hubby was saying that we spend more on medical co-pays and animal food that we do on groceries.  That is not true but it can seem like it at times.

     Tonight the ballet mistress and I will cast our Christmas Show, The Twelve Days of Christmas.  I already started choreography with my Celtic students as they have two performances in October.  Also started Christmas dances with younger kids, it seems early, but they have so much to do before Christmas. I just don't want to be rushed.  I know I will be, but I am trying to prevent the major stress.

      I am going to be able to up date my totals in few days and that makes me feel a little better about our situation.  It is a funny feeling to know that I can pay all our bills on time, my aggravation now is that I can't pay them off.  How different my mind set is than it was a few years ago.  I remember months on end where I was $700.00 to $1200.00 short every month.  I remember years like that and I would always be racing a show or an extra large sewing contract to make it up.  Always behind, always fighting turn off notices, sick to my stomach. I still get a little nauseated from the debt, but I know I can pay all my bills well above the minimums.  That is such a blessing.

I get very frustrated by how slow this pay off is, at least I can make my payments.

     Out My Window:  Quite chilly this morning.  In fact I am in long pants and socks and a polar fleece jacket.  I know it will warm up, but within the next 30 days I will be turning on the heat.  Hope I can wait until the end of October.

Hope to have a no spend again today!

Have a great and productive day!





  1. Slowly but surely. I know exactly what you mean about the turn off notices. It may be slow, but you're moving in the right direction ad not killing brain cells just to make yourself sleep at night! You're definitely getting closer and closer to your goals.

  2. Wow Christmas already?? This year is racing by! Also congrats on the wonderful improvements you have made to your finances :)