Tuesday, September 11, 2012


     I can so clearly remember 9/11, the fear and the sorrow.  I had a little dance student that cried so pitifully because it was his birthday and he had brought cupcakes to school.  No one wanted to eat his cupcakes or celebrate.  He was just too young to understand the heartache of the adults around him as he frantically tried to pass out his birthday cupcakes.  We were going to cancel classes and I decided not to at the last minute.  If people showed up I would be there.  My life would go on despite how injured I felt.  Almost all of my students arrived.  Parents stood out in the foyer and we cried and talked.  I just decided if we shut down then terror won.  Here comes little tear faced Levi with his cupcakes.  We had a birthday celebration.  I told him no matter what 9/11 was a good day in my heart because he was born on that day.  It was a reason to celebrate.  Levi continued to dance with me for 7 more years and I have called him on every single one of his birthdays.  It embarrasses him and I love it, but his parents told me secretly he is thrilled. He is a Jr. in  college now and I will call and sing(badly) happy birthday to this fine young man.  He is everything good about our country and a reason to celebrate.

     I did receive my Visa bill and it was less than I imagined.  I am still waiting for all tuition to come in and then I will attack bills.  Hubby gets paid this Thursday so I will pay the house payment and all other bills pending then we will have the big payment to what ever.  I am not sure if I will pay to the highest interest or pay something off to get rid of the bill and feel like I am making progress.  One thing I am really noticing this fall is that the house is so quite. We are doing two loads of laundry a week.  More if I do sheets and this will increase as we wear warmer clothes.  Food lasts longer, bread, milk,cereal.  This is all good as it affects the bottom line.  It is just weird, I guess I did not notice it last year as we had a student with us.

     Enrollment keeps trickling in and classes are getting full.  We are down on over all tuition and enrollment as we had so many older students graduate.  Young ones that come in only pay for one hour a week, where the older ones pay for 2-5.  It takes 4 young students to make up for an advanced student.  But I will be fine.  I can pay my bills.  I also love starting new students.

     I had two no spend days in a row, but alas I am out of milk,cat food and fruit so I will be making a quick trip to the store sometime today.  I am going to finish the laundry (sheets) and put something in the crock pot. Then I am going to attack the sewing room, where I know there are at least 25 pairs of pants to hem and misc. items to fix and alter. Also have to make a bank deposit and figure out who has not paid!

Out My Window:  Cool this morning, but it will hit 90 before this afternoon.

Have a great and productive day!


  1. I still can't think of 9/11 without getting emotional & teary. Just reading a snippet or thinking about anything related brings me right back to the day.

    Hope you have a fantastic & productive day!

  2. That is so nice of you to still engage that young man. I know a few people who share their birthday on this day, and it is truly bittersweet. But like you said, can't shut down and let terror win. It is a sad day to remember, but it is also a happy day before and after the event. Life goes on.