Saturday, September 1, 2012

Saturday, Big Thankyou PF Blogs

     Two days from now I will start my new fiscal year.  As usual I am excited and scared.  So I decided to go back to Sept 1st in my blog and read about last year!  So much has changed.  I was so busy.  It was crazy.  My kids were sucking me dry for so much money.  Daughter #2 sis not have a job and huge bills for school.  Daughter #3 had just been set up in a college apartment and had lost her room mate.  I owed money to many different sources.

      What is interesting is that things have changed so much financially.  But the biggest change is that I have really slowed down.  Now you don't have to beleive this but remember that one of my goals in January was to have more peace in the new year.  My whole attitude right now is so much calmer.  Now maybe stress will pick up when I start teaching in a couple days.  But there are just so many things that have changed for the better.

      1.  Daughter #2 has a really good job, she does not live at home.
      2. Daughter #3 in the dorms/sorority much less expensive for us.
      3. I have paid off a $12,000.00 studio loan to my mom.
      4. Our credit rating is back to the low 800's
      5. I was trying to manage the cleaning company we worked for in the evenings, (My third job, what      was I thinking and why did not one of you try to stop me?)            
      6. I had accepted a Jr. High show contract which caused me untold stress and misery. I will not be teaching there this year after 18 years I think I have paid my dues.
       7.  I was running around trying to get college classes started and staff placed in those classes.  I am not allowing college to use me this year, in fact they still owe me back pay.
       8. Even though I have incurred much new unwanted debt this summer, I just feel like I can pay this.   I will not even work any harder.  In fact I will work less.
       9.  We gave up the 6 day a week bank cleaning contract. After 20 some years.  We will sub a few days a week if asked for by friends of our choice not the company. (Funny thing is we are subbing Tues and Wed of this week)  Yeah I know go ahead and laugh at me.
     10.  I am much more pro active about retiring in three years and tell my kids that when they want money.  I explain that we need to retire.  Dad is deaf and becoming a cripple and I well........

     Hubby and I are going to clean the garage today and do a dump run.  Our goal is to be able to get a car back in the garage.  I will take pictures.  It is a dirty mess.  Also clean the chicken coop.  Fun!

     Anyway thanks every one for all the support you give me and advice.  I don't think any one can ever realize how important this PF blog has been to my attitude and my life.  Funny how putting things down in writing helps at least me to be more accountable.

     Out My Window:  About 85 today perfect weather for outdoor work.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Congrats on your PF blog-aversary! I did not realize how far you have come in only a year! You are an inspiration to all of us!

  2. thats great to read about how much progress you've made in the last year, well done! I think you would have to qualify as one of the hardest working bloggers I know so I'm glad to hear you've been able to slow down a bit, looking forward to see what the next year brings for you!

  3. Last year you had plenty of financial ups and downs but achieved so much! Let's hope this year will bring lots of success!

  4. That is a lot of things that have changed, and for the better! Wishing you the best on this upcoming fiscal year--I know you will keep us well informed!

  5. Congrats!!! I am so happy that everything has worked out so well for you--you deserve it!!!

  6. You have worked your butt off to get where you have in the past year. Having the blog just provides a great outlet and sometimes sanity in the craziness of life. :) Be proud of what you have done, we are all very proud of you!!!!