Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wednesday,pulling in the dough!

     Trying hard here to come up with $500.00 in cash for our trip to Gettysburg.  But it keeps disappearing! Hubby was moaning about the high price of gas.  He feels like a quarter of his take home goes to fill his car to get back to work.  No sh*& Sherlock you just figured that out?  Such a brain that man is!  Because of the wildfire season he cannot commute and the money is just destroying our budget for any extras. Ugh!

     I am working on the dress from Hell.  Mother and daughter bought is used. Well, used and it has a huge full tulle skirt with 8 layers and many hip bunches.  They wanted it shortened.  The daughter wants it short, short.  It is very hard even with a yard stick to shorten a huge dress with that many layers and get it even.  Well once they got it above her knee it still was not short enough so now I have to shorten it again.  Also taking out several layers of netting under neath has made the dress too large around the waist. So can you take the zipper in down at the waist?  NO it is covered with sequins and will take a really long time to redo. Daughter pouts, I agree.  Zipper has a bad tear in it at the bottom.  It cannot be fixed and must be replaced.  This alteration is now costing about $85.00 for a used dress.  I think they are going to be angry, but I tried to talk them out of it!  I need to run to the fabric store first thing this morning to get a zipper.

     I have managed to get about $379.00 in the Gettysburg savings, and the dress will be added into that plus many more smaller jobs.  The problem is we will need at least $200.00 to get through next week before we leave in gas and dog food and you name it!  Money just flies out of my pocket around here.

     Sluggy had a good idea.  She thinks we should meet with a good financial adviser.  Not one who represents the company, but one who you pay hourly to help you figure out where you stand.  This is a great idea and it might calm me down.  But the real clincher in getting hubby to retire is that I need to have  adequate medical coverage.  Without that he cannot retire. Plain and simple, he might be working until he is 72 or 73.  I hope not for his sake!

     Out My Window: dry  lightening last night, I wonder how many more wildfires it started?

I need to go pull in some dough.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Reading about the dress I have a vision in my mind of a girl with a really short dress which includes eight layers of skirts--the girl is going to look like a bell or a ballerina! Is she wearing this to a regular dance? eekk

  2. $85 for all that work??? I wish you were closer to me - you are a BARGAIN compared to the shops around here! A friend just took a long dressy dress to be hemmed and to have the sleeves shortened. No other alterations. She was charged $90!

    Have a great day!