Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thursday, getting closer to my goal

     Still sewing away here and getting closer to my savings goal.  I decided on $700.00 instead of $500.00 because I knew that hubby would have to fill his car and we would need a few more things before we left.  I now have $462.00 and no one is touching it!  Hubby and I again had the gas conversation last night.  He did say that his commuting partner is anxious to get back to commuting.  So as soon as we are back from Gettysburg they will start again. It is so stupid for the two of them to spend $600.00 a month for each of them to drive when they could take turns and spend $300.00.  This way they are each only putting out about $150.00 a month.  But you can't get the other guy to commute unless gas hits close to $4.00.  When it is around $3.50 he has lots of excuses. Some people just like to live on the edge.

     I used to like to live on the edge.  No that is not true I hated it.  I just did not hate it enough to do something about it!

     I think I have my payroll down to where I want it this year.  That is going to help a lot with getting the debt paid off.  I figured if I could spend $2000.00 or less on payroll and summer savings, I would be able to put at least $2000.00 a month toward debt payoff.  I am ready to attack the next bill and see if I can get it wiped out by November and then in December the next one.  I just need to stick to my resolve not to spend foolishly and stay on parents about tuition.

     There are so many things I could spend money on right now!  I don't need them, I want them.  Silly as I have way more than I need.

     Do you ever get the wants?  Silly, stupid wants....

     Have a great and productive day!



  1. I always get the wants...unfortunately. That's a great idea for your hubby to carpool and save gas money; can he find other carpoolers at work or on CraigsList?

  2. omg! I get the wants so bad. Especially now that we're trying to kit out an apartment. coffee table? Desk? do we buy new and get something we actually like, and will keep, or do we look for free crap on Kijiji? I try to focus on the things I already have, and remind myself to be thankful for those... but it's harrrrd!

  3. Yah for hating living a way so much that you change the behavior!

    I'm about there with something in my life.....not the money but other things.

    When you get the wants just remember the saying that has become my mantra....
    "You are NOT what you own."

    That one helps me refocus, remain qualm and carry on. ;-)

  4. That should be CALM not QUALM......the arthritis meds haven't kicked into the fingers or the brain yet today it

  5. I totally get the wants. Very often! They need to go away before they make me do something stupid... like that Kindle I mentioned! It needs to go away. I personally HATED (and still HATE) living so close to the edge.

  6. I definitely get the wants. When I don't shop, I'm fine. As soon as I hit the mall or look online, I find a million things that I want. I'm currently coveting a marathon pass that allows you to run as many marathons (or, half marathons, in my case) for $300 for the year. Individual half marathons typically cost $100, so I'd have to run 3+ to make it worthwhile. TOTALLY unecessary, & what if I get injured, etc? Yet, I want it so much. Who knows why. :-)