Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tuesday, I want this to be fun!

      I received my 1/2 paycheck from cleaning,  It was $271.00 for two weeks where it had been $519.00.  I am opening another savings account to put this in for B's college fund.  We agreed to pay 1/2 of her living expenses if she came up with the first half.  She did so we will have a $3500.00 bill in January.  It will be split $2000.00 and $1500.00.  If I bank this money now by January 10th I will have $2168.00, or the first installment.  So I will have to figure out a way to pay the last part which is due in March.  This is the main reason Hubby talked me into keeping 1/2 the cleaning contract.  It is funny that we are doing 1/2 the work and actually make $20.00 a month take home but this is the tax structure, works for me!

     So far it has worked out great.  I feel like I have a vacation every week.  We actually have 4 days in a row that we do not worry  about this, where before it was 6 days a week and we could do the weekend cleaning on Sunday so you know what happened nine times out of ten.  We would put it off always hanging over our heads. That feeling of never being done.  I hated that the most.  Also never being able to leave town.  Now the other person that splits it with us will do the work and since most of our trip is over the week end we only lose 3 days which we will make up with her. So nice.

  I was really panicking yesterday about our debt and the chances of paying it off by the time hubby retires.  I just don't know how that is possible.  We cannot possibly get everything paid off including the house the way we are going.  If I do a debt snowball as is we will not do this. I am not taking into account all the extra lump sums of money that come in every year.  They bring in about $10,000.00 which is a lot of extra that in two years would pay off both vehicles.  But this is living in dream land.  Well maybe the money will be there?

     I am at that point in the month that I only have two more bills to pay, Hubby's paycheck will not be here until the 27th.  I need to sit down and balance accounts and know where I stand so I can feel calmer about next month.  I think I just want to have another huge lump sum of money to apply to debt like I did last month.  I was able to pay off over $5000.00 worth of debt's. That is not going to happen and it is just not as much fun. whine, whine, whine,sniff,sniff, whi........

     I must keep my spirits up and quit worrying about the future.  One day at a time, one payment at a time.

   Out my window:  The air is cleaner, and there are still has been no rain.  But the days are beautiful if you can over look the smokey haze.

     Much to do today in the shop, so I am going to get busy!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Wow! $5000 is a huge amount! You should definitely spread that joy around to last for another month or two. 'One day at a time, one payment at a time' is right!

  2. One day at a time, one payment at a time.. it's tedious - BORING even. Keep on keepin' on, and keep doing what you can.

  3. Here's a thought(about trying to get to debt-free before Hubs retires).....why don't you go have a meeting with a financial advisor. Not someone in the biz to just sell you investments but one of those advisors that guys like Dave Ramsey talk about, the financial guys you pay for an hour of their time to get advise on how to do what you are doing better.
    Maybe if Hubs has someone other than you in his ear, he'll "get on the stick" with getting out of the hole before retirement and/or he'll push back his retirement so you can get out of the hole by then.
    At any rate, it might be encouraging to meet with an advisor with all your paperwork, and concerns. He might see something you are missing when you look at where you stand with the net worth and what is up ahead financially for you.

    When you look at future spending, are you being realistic about what that will be? I ask because I was stressing out earlier this year when looking at our retirement plan. I saw our spending "nut" as a higher number than Hubs had figured it would be. Turns out I was including some expenses we have now in that retirement plan, expenses that we won't have in the future. When I cleared those out of the calculation, things looked a whole lot brighter for our golden years.
    I'm just saying a fresh pair of eyes on what you've been obsessing over might uncover something overlooked.

    And I do know what you mean about feeling like you have a vacation every week with that 6 day per week cleaning job off your back!

  4. things all work out in the wash as we say!