Saturday, November 17, 2012

Saturday, making progress

     -$62.12 personal
      $213.47 studio

     Hey look at those totals!  I have $700.00 in cash to put in my personal account from the shop.  I am also back in the black for the studio.  Now I have no emergency fund as I took the last $400.00 for  medicine.  I also have no money for my trip to Twin falls.  But I do have more sewing that should be picked up , and we are going to dinner at someone Else's house on Sunday.  I do have to buy bread and yogurt. 

      Now listen to how brave (obnoxious I was) Yesterday I met a mother at the studio she dropped her child off and I checked the box no tuition.  I waited in class and when she went to go home I stopped her and asked if the mom had given her a check.  No .  So I asked her to wait until her mom came into get her.  The mom does not come into the studio she stands in the hall even though it is obvious that class is over and her daughter is not out.  I went up and asked if she had sent a check  Oh I am so glad you reminded me, I would have forgot again.  Now do you believe this?  I had called her and she had promised to drop a check off Thursday.

     I also text a mother that owed me $320.00 at about 5:15 saying you were going to drop off yesterday and I e-mailed you this morning, You told me you worked late last night, so you were coming tonight and I am waiting for you.  Her excuse was she was still at work and she was out of check blanks, the same excuse she gave me two weeks ago.  I told her I was waiting and I would take cash, (I never take cash)  She showed up about 5:45 with the green backs.  Also went out into the parking lot to talk to a mother hiding in her car.  I said today is the 16th are you going to pay me today?  Well she couldn't because she had to pay her house payment.  But she would get a draw on her wages tomorrow.  What have I become?

     Now we have a big rehearsal today and I have two other families that owe a total of $285.00 and a couple of others that owe less.  So we will see.  There are still about $700.00 worth of bills due at the studio.  But I am just feeling better and more empowered.

     Big rehearsal today for the tree lighting tonight, I have to do a show order and get a C D ready.

Daughter is taking me to Twilight tonight!  We are going with a bunch of dance students, they think it is so funny that I go to these shows with them.   All of these little 12-13 old skinny dancers and me.  Such fun.  So after rehearsal we will all go get a sandwich and then costume perform and then go to the movie.  I am tired just thinking about it!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Glad to hear you're going after what you're OWED! Your bills are no less important than theirs... if they can't afford the lessons, they shouldn't have their child in them. Simple as that. ;) Hope you get paid from the rest as well!

  2. They should be embarrassed....hiding from you. They KNEW they were in the wrong, and it is terrible they put you in the situation where you had to ask.

    But I am proud of you for standing up for yourself!

  3. Now these totals look much better! It's sad that you have to chase parents but you got to do what you got to do. Honestly, I don't understand parents who cannot afford lessons but try to put kids anyway. Doesn't make sense to me!