Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thursday, If I stay home.....

-$142.16 personal
 $213.47 studio

     This week has really taught me to appreciate my teacher that comes down from the University.  Teaching every class is so tiring.  Two more days; I can do this and then on Saturday we have a 7 hour rehearsal.  Ugh! Splat!  I am thankful that tonight I will not have to clean the bank.  I can just go straight home after class.
     I am feeling better today I think.  I hate to get too hopeful, but here is my sign.  I went downstairs this morning with a normal gate and realized that I had left my cell upstairs in the bedroom.  I ran up stairs to get it.  Let me repeat myself  I RAN UPSTAIRS TO GET IT!  The doctor put me on a new medication in addition to doubling the T-biologic.  Three days and I can see a difference.   Usually I get up and take 2 Aleve and limp to the computer sit for 1/2 hour to let the meds take affect.  Well I have taken nothing for pain in 2 days.  I am a little more tired and I am not sleeping as well as I could and little sick to my stomach and jittery, but I will take it to feel better.  These symptoms should go away in about a week.

     I just had an epiphany.  If I stayed home and quit going somewhere every month I could save money!  It seems we have been on the go every month.  It is usually for a week at a time which means lost work opportunities and money needed for gas and travel.  July, the coast, August, home to mom's and visit to daughter's, Sept,stayed home, October Gettysburg, November daughters.  It costs money and I am always trying to save additional money for gas and expenses.  So I plan to try and stay closer to home the next few months, I think it will help.

     Now I can look back at all of these trips and say I would do them all over again. Family is important.  Spending time with them is expensive. But my mom is not well and Hubbies folks are also going down hill.  I will never regret the time or the money spent.  I also have only one grandchild and he grows and changes so quickly.  All this travel is centered around family. Families are forever.

     I have $499.34 in the shop right now and I can use it where ever I want.  I have been saving money for trips so much I am in a dither that I really have this for bills.  But boy do I have bills.  I would really like to put it all in the emergency fund, which is down to $15.00 right now waiting for reimbursement from the insurance company.  We will see, I am going to try to clean my desk and definitely pay the rest of November's bills today as Hubby gets paid.  I will also set up December's budget.

     Out My Window:  Cold, when did it become winter?  Snuck up on me that is for sure.

     I have sewing to do, several pairs of pants to hem, zippers to replace.  The shop was a zoo yesterday.  Phone rang constantly and I have a whole lot of new work to do!  Yeah! I am blessed with work.

     I get to open my sealed pot in 5 days!  I can hardly wait.

Have a great and productive day.



  1. I am so glad you are feeling better..I can't tell you how long I have prayed or that. But I still wish you would slow down with all the work..I know you can't but a girl can wish right??

    My son is getting ready to head into hell week with the school play he is directing and is not a very pleasant person at the moment so I know you have got to be exhausted..but your always pleasant

  2. "Going" does cost money! You were gone 4 of the last 5 months, that's where the money went. But then again, staying home isn't the answer when stuff breaks....and walls and floors have to be redone. ;-)

    I'm glad the new meds are helping!

  3. So happy that you're feeling better! That is amazing. And yes, going places always costs more than I expect. And for you, the lost income opportunity must make things really difficult. I think staying home until you're fund is built back up is a great idea.

    Hope the new medicine continues to work miracles!

  4. I'm so glad that you are feeling better and that you have plenty of work right now. I know how you feel about traveling to see your family though. My parents are saving every penny to come to see their grandkids because they miss us all so much. I wish I could go see them more often :(