Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday, we almost had a baby!

     Yesterday at the studio we had about 60 of our dancers rehearsing for the Tree Lighting Performance.   One of our 3 year olds had a mother who had a baby due on the 29th.  She just did not look comfortable to me.  She told me she was craving soup.  I sent her husband in the midst if the chaos next door to the deli for some chicken soup, which she ate.  Then we all left the studio and the family did not show up in costume for the performance.  There were 10 in the class and I had only 9.  Because we were in a crowd of about 3000 people I could not figure out who was missing.  (DUH!  this is how I get when I am over whelmed)   This morning I realized who it was , I just called and they left the rehearsal right after the soup for the hospital.  Another little girl!  I am taking them a meal tomorrow!  I am a dance grandma,  hooray!

Have a peaceful and Wonderful Sabbath!


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