Wednesday, November 14, 2012


    -$576.11 personal
    -171.64 studio

     Working hard here.  I am getting choreography done as much as possible before the Thanksgiving break.  This is encouraging to me as I was a little panicky with my younger kids.  I will pick up the posters for the show tomorrow and I need to meet with the TV on Friday.  So other than getting Parents to put out posters I will be done with the advertising.  Only took in about $200.00 in tuition last night.  But the kids that owe do not come on Tues. so hopefully tonight.  I always pay my rent on the 13th, but I did not pay it yesterday.  Now I am paying my bills late.  I will run a check over this afternoon, and pray that over $700.00 comes in to pay the rent.  Didn't happen yesterday however.  I can take money out of savings and put it back but why should I do this? By the way the two parents that paid last night, saw the sign I had put up and did not add the late charge.  One of the mother's said she tried to shove it under the door last weekend and could not.  I said if you had paid it last week you would not have to try and shove it under the door.  So I believe you are all right I am going to have to go an automatic withdrawal.  I hate to but I see no other way.  Now how do I do this?  I will research it.

     Sewed hard yesterday and will continue today.  Made a really good sweet potato and pork
stew in the crock pot yesterday.  Have no idea what to have for dinner tonight will have to go up and dig in the fridge.  Maybe Swedish meatballs with potatoes and vegetable.

     Well I need to go clean up and do a little sweep of the upstairs and do a little laundry.  Then I will hit the machines.  I am really grateful that Hubby only has to drive 4 days this week, which means I won't have to gas the car up until Friday.  It is like getting a $50.00 bonus.   

     Out My Window:  Leaves are every where.  You can't see the lawn and it is a big lawn!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I have seen those little credit card cube things advertised, so perhaps that would work as well. I know there's a transactional percentage/fee, but hey, if you wanna use your card to pay for your kid's dance lessons, you oughta be willing to pay the surcharge.

  2. Hurray for the pseudo bonus! I do that too whenever I manage to save something out of my regular budget. It's always nice to have a little extra. Sorry, but I'm not familiar with how to do direct billing. I'm sure your bank would be more than happy to help you figure it out, though. Hopefully you can shop around and get somewhere where they wont charge you a lot of fees for the service.

  3. Yes, I'd go with an automatic deducting thing for the dance class payments. It will save you the hassle of having to hound them and the stress of not knowing when you can pay bills. Just for that it is PRICELESS for you! ;-)

  4. I never know where the best place is to comment back so I'm doing so here, hope that's ok! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for your encouragement. I'm glad I had my first baby all natural, and I hope to be able to do it again for my second, but it is so nice knowing I have other options. I am so sorry you weren't given a choice! That is miserable. And so totally unfair!

  5. Hopefully everyone paid you tonight. Like I said my son has gone to drafting from accounts or some little thing that goes on his phone for lessons and tutoring.

    Did you think of me when you were using the crock pot..come on you know you did