Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wednesday, tired


-$142.16 personal

$213.47  studio
   Slept terrible last night and I am very tired.  I think I might be coming down with a cold.  Great just what I need going into rehearsal weeks.  Studio kids are doing pretty well at learning their numbers.  I must say I finally rec'd the tuition from my last two students for the month of November.  Gee it was only November 27th.

     Oh my I just realized that it is my youngest daughters 20th birthday.  We celebrated last week so I almost forgot.  I will have to call her at the University.  I have no more teenagers.  Nice but also kind of sad.

    Hubby knocked together a stable for the Christmas pageant at church and tonight he will fit up a manger.  It is too cute.  We will practice on Sunday and I need to pull costumes.  I know they are in the loft somewhere.

     Hubby gets paid tomorrow so I will pay the last of the bills and get cracking for the new month.  Judy is already working on budget for next year.  I really want to get at least the truck paid off next year, in fact I want it paid off by June, but I do not know how I will do that.

Out My Window:  We are definitely down 3 chickens.  We don't know if a Coyote got them or what.

     I have plenty of sewing to do so I had better get busy!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Sucks about the cold and the chickens! Hope you feel better soon. It sucks having to drag yourself out of bed when you feel like you just shut your eyes.

  2. Poor cluck clucks....

    So, the families that paid almost a month late....did they give you December's payment, since it is due in just a few days????

  3. Oh, I really hope it's not cold! That's the last thing you need right now! Take lots of vitamin C, orange and mix a spoon of honey with cinnamon and eat every day!