Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tuesday, Get out and Vote!

     Hey get out and vote, have a say, appreciate this right that so many sacrificed for and so many  are still sacrificing for world wide.  We have the right to vote!  We can go into a church, public building, fair office, school gym and vote without harassment or harm.  If you don't understand this privilege you need to look at the world stage. What a blessing we have as American Citizens.  Our country is far from perfect but we do have the right to speak our mind and try to change things.  Go Vote!

     -806.12 personal
     $47.60 studio

     Well I was able to do payroll and get a $100.00 bill paid but nothing for me yet.  It will come in tonight and the rest of the week.  Several of you have commented and asked if I am truly overdrawn that much.  No!  I have not overdrawn. overdrawn an account in years.  But I do have a protection that is like a credit card that I pay back constantly.  I have this with my personal account.  My business has a savings account it will draw from at a small fee.  Also I have added in all the bills that pull automatically for the month, car insurance, life insurances, etc.  I did this because I want to know how much I will have to put in before the end of the month to reach status quot.  Remember I have a tendency to think I have more money than I really do!  It is becoming more apparent all the time.  I still am $200.00 short of the cash for the house payment, but trust that is will come.  One day at a time.

     Had a ton of work come into the shop yesterday. 23 hemming jobs.  I usually charge $10.00 a hem but 17 of the items were for a handicapped little girl with very short arms.  So I will charge by the hour,which will be a lot cheaper for her mom.  She has a big enough liability just trying to keep this little one clothed and clean.  Several changes of shirts a day.  How bless I am that I don't have this burden.  How blessed that mother is that she has this precious little child for a short time. Double edged sword.

     Feeling so much better.  Still have a very strong inflammatory response from the fevers that could last up to 6 weeks, but still so much better. Photo shoot went well, only need to redo one picture, so we are on line with that annual event.  Still need to make about 7 costumes and order a few more things.  6 geese and the Turtledove costumes will not fit as the dancers are much smaller this year.  Need to get on this.

     Well my desk is a mess and the shop is a disaster so I am going to get to work.

Go Vote!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. You are incredibly sweet to be helping out this mother, even as you're struggling with your own finances.

  2. Again you are doing such kindness for others. You are someone I truly look up to!

  3. I hope you keep feeling better. Karma will come back and get you... in a good way! I am sure the mother really appreciates the break in pricing, especially during this holiday season!

  4. I'm sure something great will come along for you. Very nice to help out a family that has it's own struggles while you are struggling as well!

  5. Bless your heart for charging the mother of the handicapped little girl by the hour instead of by the item. What comes around goes around. Good things will come your way :)