Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wednesday, stay positive!

-$806.12  personal
$47.60 studio
  The problem with elections is that someone always loses.  Many of my candidates on issues won and some lost.  It is always that way.  Do you think, I think we will turn into a dust bowl in the next 4 years?  No.  This is such a Red state and community there will be no Joy in Mudville tonight. I am going to stay positive.  It can't help anything to complain and stomp and bad mouth.  It is what it is.  Don't like it, have to live with it and I am going to live with it on a positive note as it is better for my health.

    I was able to get a budget done yesterday for the bills and I am very disappointed in what I believe my debt pay-off will be this month.  We will see but after I pay all the bills and take money out of the studio I have very little left for a lump sum pay-off.  What am I doing wrong? Well besides spending too much money I am just going to have to re think how I do this and do it much slower. Debt pay off will happen just not by Christmas.

     On a better note I have $500.00 for the house account!  So I will make the house payment with Hubby's check and my $500.00.  I also have another $100.00 to put somewhere.  I have not totaled the checks from last night, but I have many, many bills to pay and I am afraid to take any money for a few days.  I realize that I need to get money into my personal account and I will take it but I will wait until I have too.  This method keeps me sharp!  When I see that # at the top of the blog I know I do not have any extra!

    I do have so much in the shop right now so I plan to spend the day in there.  I go to the studio at 3:30 but only teach one hour tonight.  I will continue to pull and arrange costumes and get the Christmas show ready.

Out My Window:  Chickens are down to one egg a day now.  They do not have enough sunlight.  The next 12 weeks are pretty dark here.  I don't notice it so much until January.

     Have a great and productive day!



  1. That's a good attitude to have. Win or lose, things are as they are and being upset and nasty about the results wont make it any easier. Glad to see keeping notes and keeping tabs on your account is helping you! Good that the house payment is accounted for. That's one less thing on your list.

  2. Wish I felt that way about yesterday's loss. I'm just plain sick.

  3. Kim just don't try to do everything its not worth making yourself sick over. If we lived closer together we could have tea and talk about things and both feel better. But please, I know you, you are going to try to take on the world again and just work yourself into the ground.

    Take a breath, stay calm and please just take some breaks.

    What can I say... I worry

  4. I live in a Blue state and there's never much hope for my Red vote, but I try anyway. I was pretty bummed, but just had to tell myself yesterday that it is what it is and my worrying isn't going to change anything. Glad you got the money for your house payment - that is always such a stressful feeling!