Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday, Payday was last week?

-$175.16 personal
 $416.76 studio

     Hubby got paid last Wednesday on the 22nd.  Now I know Tanner blogged to me that we would get paid a day early and I also had the budget set up for a 23rd paycheck so why did I think he would not get paid until yesterday?  I guess we have been so broke and behind I have not allowed myself to write any checks and so I have not even looked at the books.  When I went to pay the final bills today here is the paycheck posted the 22nd.  But the great thing is he will get another paycheck next week.  So being off a week isn't so bad. But seriously where is my brain?

     All the bills are paid for the month and a new month tomorrow.  Ugh!  I balanced the books this morning and I have $590.00 in the shop drawer.  Scared to put it anywhere, I need to put almost that much into my overdraft account but also need to put it into the emergency fund.  Also need to have $500.00 for the house payment.  It never ends.I will wait til next week to decide.

     I have to teach again this afternoon, so I am taking the afternoon off.  There is a  lot of sewing in the shop to do but as I have an all day rehearsal tomorrow I am just going to rest.  Hubby is in the pit for Cinderella this weekend and I am going to a dance concert tomorrow night.  It will be a long day.

     Last night when I got came home from the studio, hubby had finished my manger and stable pieces.  They just have to be painted.  He will go to the theater at 6:30 and I teach until 7 so we will not even see each other.  That reminds me I had better go see if his black concert clothes  need to be pressed!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Being tired makes you think in all sorts of funny directions. Glad that you were a week ahead and not a week behind, though!

  2. Sometimes mistakes can benefit us greatly. I'm glad that things are looking up for you :)

  3. An extra paycheck is always a great thing!