Saturday, November 10, 2012

Saturday, planned on posting yesterday and then....

- 576.07 personal
-52.11 studio

     My oh my, do you ever have a day where you feel you get nothing done?  I was up early yesterday because I had customers coming in, I also needed to get a few things done in the shop.  I had a hair appointment at 10:30 and it was long over due.  I have touched up my roots since June and the grow out underneath was about 2.5 inches.  I have to stay at least 4  hours to get my hair done.  I was just leaving salon and D#3 calls, "Mom, I have to work at Penneys at 5!"  So I take off and  drive like a bat out of He%^ to Moscow in the truck and I have to be back by 4 to open the studio.  The truck had just a little over empty reading on the gas gauge, but if I stopped and filled up I would be late.  I had not made any plans to drive to Moscow today.  We coasted down the hill and got to a gas station where I put 17.90 gallons in my 18 gallon tank!  Too close for comfort.

     I will have to sew today to make up for yesterday.  I have things that need to go out. I also need to rehearse at the studio for a performance this next week.  Luckily daughter #2 is in town and she knows the choreography. She just called and asked me to bring in a Pizza for the dancers as a treat.  This is a 4 hour extra schedule rehearsal, so I am glad of those free coupons.

     Our neighbor who just lost his wife is really struggling.  He wants Hubby to put up Christmas lights this year.  He has his up already.  They were always big on lights and decorations.  We had decided not to so we could save money, but if this is what Dale wants and it makes him feel better we will put up some lights.  I also sent hubby over to see if Dale and daughter want to go out to dinner tonight, I think they just need to get out.  So we will all go out for ribs later.  Again thankful for coupons!

     I am slowly getting bills paid and and my totals are changing a little.  Both to the negative but this should change daily, as work and tuition comes in.  I feel pretty positive as I was able to pay cash for my hair, and fill both cars with gas (Hubby drives next week, so this will keeps us going until Thursday) and I have $53.00 left for groceries or what ever we need this weekend.  The fridge is empty, like scary empty.

     I need to go clean up and get busy in the shop.

     Out My Window:  I hope it warms up so I can work in the yard a little this afternoon.

Have a great and productive day!


  1. Do I ever feel like one of those days when I get nothing done? Wait. One can get enough stuff done in a day?! I too hate having my car closing in on empty. I fill it up on an schedule (usually either Friday or Sunday), but any trip out of the ordinary threatens to push me over the limit. Most cars I've driven have had bad gas gauges (where they dont show the right amount left), so I've learned to never let it below 1/4 tank. Hope you hit some great sales to restock your fridge!

  2. You are so nice I wish you were my neighbor! In the midst of being crazy busy you you take on a big Christmas light project just to make your neighbor feel better! Nice!

  3. I'm going to echo Cash Only Living. Here you are, working hard & struggling to make ends meet, yet you always think of others & try to accommodate. You are a *wonderful* person, & you will get this debt paid off. You are my inspiration in so many ways. Keep it up!!!

  4. It sounds like your business is very busy and I'm sure its because you are such a hard worker. You are making very good progress. Keep it up!

  5. I think you are an amazing Mom and a neighbor!