Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tuesday, long day yesterday.....

-$142.16 personal
$213.47 studio
     My advanced ballet teacher was in rehearsal for her show up at the university and was not in last night, so I taught for 5 .5 hours.  I spent so much time on rehearsal and corrections.  Then boss from cleaning job texted me with a list of extra work for an executive walk through.  So add another 2 hours to an already too long evening.  Oh, and Hubby was in hell week rehearsal for the Civic Theater show he is playing the viola in, leaving me holding the bag as usual.  I was so irritated. My choice was to wait until he came home at 11:11 and make him come help me or do it myself starting at 8:30.  If I did insist that he help he would have refused to do any extra work and there would have been a fight.  By the way 4 weeks ago when I had that bad flu and high fevers I still had to do my work as he could not figure out how to do it, even though we have been cleaning buildings for over 20 years.  I thought about just doing the extra work and leaving him with the keys but he would never have been able to remember to lock the correct doors or reset the alarm correctly and I would have had to go back down or stay until he finished to double check all the doors and alarm system. He could not figure out why I was upset.  I was not angry just would not talk to him.  I was discouraged as I can always cover for him and do, he can never cover for me.  He really can't it is hard to live with someone so handicapped.  I am very tired.

     Anyway on a better note,  I have over $300.00 saved from that refund check and money coming into the shop yesterday.  This will help balance the bills at the end of the week, then next week we will worry about the $500.00 I will need for December's house payment.  This was a long month and I hope to catch up in December.  But I do not want to face the bills in January as I feel that I am making so little progress.  I can see I need to update my totals on my pages that will make me feel better.  Because in reality I do get at least $2000.00 a month closer to becoming debt free when I am not adding to my debt every month and that is a fine figure.

     I don't even want to think about Christmas right now I just want to get through the week. 

Out My Window:  We are down 3 chickens, don't know if they decided to go roost with someone else or what.  The back yard is a mess.

     I have a doctor's appointment at 10:10 today and then I need to sew before I go to the studio.  I have to teach 5 hours tonight.  It is just going to be a long week.  However I have passed out two notes stating that tuition and recital fees must me paid on December 1st.  We have a huge rehearsal that day so I pointed out to the parents that there was no excuse not to drop off  a check on that day!  I am getting mean!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Big hugs. Focus on what you can control today, this week, this month, & think about how you want to set up your expenses & cash flow management for 2013. It's a subject very near & dear to my heart lately. ;-)

    Wishing you luck finding the missing chickens!

  2. Kim,

    There isn't anything mean about expecting timely
    payment for services rendered.