Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday, swimming upstream

     Went to Spokane to the specialist on Friday, same old, same old.  I had a flu, but was told to double the dose of meds for the next two weeks.  I needed to load my body as he said.  Give your body a load dose.  Great that means $6000.00 worth of medication instead of $4000.00 My insurance company will love me.

     I had a nice time with my daughter, we had some laughs, ate junk food.  I picked up youngest in Moscow on my way home Friday night.  She has been sick in bed most of the weekend.  She did attempt to go to work Saturday but I knew they would send her home.  They  did!

     I have had a mouse in my pan cupboard for a while.  I have cleaned it and put out DeCON.  But to no avail.  So I tried again and this time I think he or it are gone.   I have two cats and it is not like we have never had a mouse before, but in the kitchen.  It is so unsanitary!  So Saturday morning I took everything out of the fridge and completely cleaned out the fridge, wiped down all the containers and walls.  Then I pulled everything out of the pan cupboards and also found mouse sign in the back of my linen drawer.  In fact they can climb from the drawer to the pan cupboard.  So all linens washed, everything sprayed with bleach AND WASHED!  New DeCON put out.  Hubby said he found so many dead mice out in the leaves around the house.  So I know they go outside to die, that is the purpose of this poison.

     Since the kitchen was tore up I decided to bake 5 pumpkin pies.  I made 8 crusts and froze 3 and then made three pumpkin and two squash pies.  I am going to give 2 away to neighbors to return some dishes to them.  My mom always said never return a dish empty.  Even if it is something in a new dish.

     The kitchen is still a mess, but I plan on putting a ham and sweet potatoes onto cook on low when I go to church, so as I am putting that together I will clean up the kitchen a little.  I think washing every pan I owned yesterday put me off doing the dishes.  Hubby worked in the yard yesterday, well actually he spent a good part sleeping and watching the ball game.  I was working like a mad fool upstairs and whenever I would go down to the storage he would apologize and make some excuse of why he wasn't outside.  He kept telling me how hard he was working and how much he was getting done.  Uh Huh, no comment.  I just ignore him.  I used to get all upset now I just go about my business and he realizes that he is getting nothing done.  If I fight with him (which is what he wants, then he can be lazy with justification) he just sits all day.  So I do what I want and ignore him.  Works like a charm.  He did accomplish something, I think he even did some trimming out front.  We have a lot of trimming and he has never trimmed before that is my job, but I cannot do it any more so everything is shaggy and over grown.

     I have a photo shoot tomorrow for the Holiday program as posters have to be out by next week.  I will set up the budget tomorrow for November and hopefully things will be better.  But I have to realize if I can pay all my bills, still save some money and put extra on debt I am doing fine.  I get great inspiration from  Sarah at Digging out of our Mess.  She just plugs along and makes these payments on her mountain, but she is making progress just look at her little graph.  I am making progress.  My problem is that I add to my debt and that frustrates me.

     Have a peaceful and restful Sabbath!



  1. I love that... "never return a dish empty"! And ugh, hope that little mouse problem goes away for good soon! What a nightmare to have to wash everything... hopefully that's the last of it. Have fun at the photo shoot! Hope it all goes well.

  2. I too love that dish saying - never heard it before, but it's great! I'll have to try that next time I have dishes to return.

    And, question for you - is a squash pie savory, or sweet like a pumpkin pie?

  3. I hate mice! We had them last year in the cabinets also since they are against the wall. I cleaned everything then stuffed all holes I could see with steel wool, and I admit it beside poison I put out those snap traps. I was glad when they were gone.

    Im gad you found it at least. As for me I had one of those fight with my daughter who is half a world away days so I am not feeling that good. You did remind me I have to dig out the Thanksgiving linen since we need many more cloth napkins then we usually use.

    Good job getting hubby moving