Thursday, November 8, 2012


    -$806.12 personal
     $ 47.60 studio

          Tuition is coming in slowly.  I do have a deposit to make for $1015.00, but there is still $2700.00 outstanding and it is the 8th.  So discouraging.  I will be sending out a lot of late notices.  Plus I feel like I can't take any money or pay my bills.  On a better note I do have $150.00 in cash so far in the shop.  If everything gets picked up I will have over $300.00.`  I also have $183.00 in restaurant meals so we can go out and get a pizza or a sandwich if we want to for a treat.

     It seems to me last November was when I sent the letter to parents about tuition.  I might have to do this again.  I guess it is up to the shop.  I had better get busy as I have a lot to do.

     Put the very meaty ham bone in the crock pot with onions, carrots, celery , will put split peas in before I leave for the studio.  Hubby was saying that he really enjoyed the ham.  It was pricey about $13.89 if I remember, but we had it with sweet potatoes on Sunday and then leftovers on Monday.  Tuesday we had toasted Ham and cheese with tomato soup.  Wednesday, I had a ham sandwich before I went to the studio and Hubby had ham and eggs toast for dinner.  Now I am cooking a big pot of pea soup which we will eat today and tomorrow or finish over the weekend.  Any way this has lasted us the entire week so it was a good purchase.

     I am really trying not to spend any money and just use what I have.  Hubby will drive next week so I will need to get the gas envelope full.

     Just trying to get by until I can see a break ahead in the finances.  I think I will be looking for a long time.

Out My Window:  The yard is covered with leaves and so is the deck.   I hope it is a little nice this weekend so I can work in the yard.  I have spent every weekend for the last month in the Kitchen.

D#3 just called and she aced another calculus test!  Yippee!
I'm off to storm the castle with a diet coke in my hand (that was for Judy).
Have a great and productive day!



  1. Slowly but surely, so they say. That sucks you have that much outstanding from the parents and need to send late notices. At least it does create extra income. Hope the late charges starts coming in soon. And that soup sounds just right for this kind of weather!

  2. I can't imagine your frustration at the late payments. What are the other methods you can/have tried? Assigning late fees, making people pay by recurring credit card or checking debit?

  3. I do not know what the customs are in your area but here (in the Boston area) a child cannot start a program UNTIL all fees are paid first. The applies to dance classes, piano lessons, art classes, gymnastics etc. I don't know if you have the option to take that approach, but once parents get used to it, it works well and eliminates all drama....

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