Monday, December 3, 2012

December? Aghhhhhh!

-$225.14 personal
$67.18 studio

          Okay so it is December and I still have all my Thanksgiving crap all over the house.  I did not even spend Thanksgiving here.  Gasp, tired, go back to bed........  Judy if I get you a plane ticket will you fly out here and put up the decorations?  Because this is my list for today.

Get out of bed and face December (okay done but still in pjs.)
brush teeth (must go past bed to do this it might snag me and pull me in?)
Get out of bed......

Do you see my problem, I am stuck in an infinite loop.



  1. did you make a start on the Christmas decorating then?


  2. Kim I adore you but you couldnt pay me enough to put Christmas stuff up again...and I even cut back this year!